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#발치 . . 귀요미 큰아들♡ 치과에서만 뽑다가 흔들리던 이에서 피가 살짝 난다며 보여주길래 마침 잘됬다며 아빠가 뽑아줌ㅎ 싫다고 치과가서 빼겠다더니 해보겠다고 실을 이에 묶으라고 이를 순순히 보여줌ㅋㅋ 아오 귀여워~~~ 자꾸자꾸 보게되는 동영상^^ . . #이빨뽑기 #실 #8살 #예비초등 #귀요미 #4번째 #이빨빠진 #큰아들 #2018,02,25,일요일

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Comment from abi joy gross:

Got our welcome package from Amazon for doing our baby registry through them! 😊 Complete with a muslin swaddle with porcupines on it (Jonathan claims they're hedgehogs...🙄), enough diapers to last half of 1 day, samples of baby lotion, moisturizers and shampoos, laundry detergent, a baby bottle, and more.

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The wind didn’t keep us from capturing this baby girl to college she goes!

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