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Comment from Rachael Smith:

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Comment from Doc the Schnauzer:

Doc and I are overwhelmed by all the sweet comments and personal messages from his Gotcha Day posts! We had no idea how much they would be enjoyed! We are grateful for each of you from around the world who enjoy his photos and antics! . I thought I might end this post with one last story from my journal. . March 17, 2015: I’ve been editing 🖥photos all evening and I could hear Doc wandering around the house. Sometimes he would come up to my office just to see if I was there. Mom told me later that she found him in the living room sitting in his favorite chair!🛋 . She said, Duke, the cat, 🐈didn’t know Doc was there until he was walking by the chair and happened to look up... He froze! As a predator, 🦈 I guess he had a sudden realization that he was not holding the high ground. A million different scenarios must have gone through his head. . Then he puffed himself up in a vain attempt to appear larger! 🐡 . Doc, just sat there, not knowing he was sitting in Duke’s favorite chair. Mom thought it was very funny and laughed and laughed! I’m sure she will be telling that story to all of her friends! - Howard. . . .Bandana by @ktrsboutique. . . . #gotchaday #schnauzerstories #schnauzeradventures #weloveourigfamily #bondedbylove #catsarewankers #doctheschnauzer

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