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There is no update on Luna yet today, but Biggie is making significant strides! The Emergency Vet Clinic said he did really well overnight, no vomiting, and he was trying to lick up what spilled from syringe feeding! Had a bowel movement at 5am and is liking belly rubs. He still not acting like a puppy but is acting like a dog and not like a critical care patient. He's going to make it. He expects to release him tonight or in the morning if hes eating on his own & has another bowel movement. We have to make sure he's feeding every 2hrs because if he misses a meal or 2 we're back to square one. What a tiny fighter!

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🆘🙏🏼🐶💔SHELTER PLEA 💔🐶🙏🏼🆘 JON PAUL #A1940743 VERY SWEET GERIATRIC POODLE WITH HEART MURMUR NEEDS RESCUE ASAP. This senior nugget will require individual care in order to improve condition, which means some TLC! Sadly, the shelter states, “If this pets current medical conditions deteriorate, humane euthanasia will be indicate at the veterinarian's discretion”. 🙌🏼💕 . . . ‼️⚠️SWIPE FOR MEDICAL ⚠️‼️ . . . Available for adoption from Miami-Dade Animal Services. Contact: Pets with A, to check: availability/status/request medical records. Miami-Dade Animal Services, 3599 NW 79th Avenue, Doral, Florida 33166 or call 305-884-1101..
Contact: 📝Pets with A, to check: availability/status/request medical records. Miami-Dade Animal Services, 3599 NW 79th Avenue, Doral, Florida 33166 or call 305-884-1101. .
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Mac's owner became very ill and could no longer care for him. Something you don’t want to think about- but it happens. Her grown children did not want him and were going to take him to a shelter. We couldn’t bear the thought of that so thanks to a foster (the ❤️ of rescue) offer he’s a Cody’s dog now and is thought to be around 4 to 5 years old. Mac is very smart , very sweet, and loves people. He is thought to be afraid of dogs at this time but we are hoping to help him overcome his fear by socializing him with other pack members #🐶 if you’d like to meet MAC- just fill out an online adoption app a

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This under weight, scruffy cat was on our stoop when I came home yesterday. So we set a trap and luckily she came back to our house. The rescue is coming for her today. She is either a lost cat or has been dumped. If the later then she will be cleaned up, given a health check and hopefully adoptable in the future here. #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #fosterkittens #backyardrescue #animalnationinc #connecticut #petsarefamily #petsarealifetimecommitment #spayandneuteryourpetsplease #animalshavemyheart #farmsanctuary #wildlifesanctuary #wildliferehab #payitforward #giveback

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Comment from Sylvia Carpanese:

This brave guy is really coming out of his shell. He ran around the backyard with the other dogs like a real pup this morning and he's even trying to interact with us humans more. Anyone looking to add an adorable pup to their family? #adoptjaxpets #jaxhumane #fosteringsaveslives

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Long cat Blanch is a kitten who was found in a colony but found out that his fur was not ideal for the outdoor life. He's a guy who wants attention all the time so he would do best in a place where he would get allll the attention he craves! He's the type of kitten that will do great with kids or other cats. He hates being in cages so he's currently in foster but if you're looking for a snuggable kitten that's great with kids, he's your cat! Email us if you're interested in adopting this cutie! #kittykindcats

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It’s Sunday. Leave me alone - Cricket 🦗

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Sunday is for sleeping in. Right Indy!?

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Comment from Chelsea:

I am beyond relieved and excited but to my surprise millie is the one that doesn't have a home yet!!!!! Crazy!!!!! #fosteringsaveslives

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The tough life of a foster pup ft. Stan ! Bio at (check our story to see him snuggling with his foster sister for #sundaysnuggles !)

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