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Comment from Amanda Kreisel:

TWELVE MONTHS l Eleanor is 12 months old! 😭😍 Her love for music has blossomed even more this month. Where there’s music you can pretty much count on finding a dancing, clapping & smiling Eleanor. If it’s possible, she’s become even more affectionate this month with her sweet nestling cuddles & kisses. And she has started calling us “mama” & “dada,” which also doesn’t hurt the sweetness factor. ☺️ She’s been extra clingy, especially to me, but still loves to smile & flirt with others from a distance. El has started really enjoying typical baby games like peek-a-boo. And her absolute favorite ‘game’ to play is to wait until you start walking toward her & then to crawl away at top speed while laughing the whole time. She has learned baby sign language for “more” & “all done,” which especially comes in handy at meal times & also points to what she wants or where she wants to be carried. El loves to offer you whatever she’s eating by pushing it right into your mouth, has started showing more interest in books & is beginning to piece together the use for everyday objects. Last week she brushed my hair unprompted for 10 minutes. She’s still our tiny nugget at 17 1/2 pounds & 27 inches (2nd percentile). We are learning that El has quite the sensitive little heart. If you tell her “no,” she immediately starts crying...not crying as to throw a fit but crying as if heartbroken that she’s disappointed you. We celebrated her first year of life with a lovely purple birthday party, her first chocolate cake & a house full of people who absolutely adore her. I can’t believe this is my last monthly update or that it’s already been a year, but most of all I can’t believe she’s ours... ❤️

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Only three days until I am done paying my brother back and one month until I pay my first big agency fee (for this adoption lol). I'm nervous and excited to get this show on the road! After almost five years I feel like I'm finally moving forward and only forward 💙💛 #adoption #downsyndrome #downsyndromeadoption #internationaladoption #adoptionislove #adoptionrocks #Indiaadoption #adoptingfromindia #India #waitingtoadopt #t21 #theluckyfew #itwillbeworthit #hope #singlemotherbychoice #worththewait #onestepatatime #onedaycloser #everydayisonedaycloser #smc #adoptionprocess #adoptionpaperwork #adoptionfundraiser #fundraiser #ittakesavillage #puzzlefundraiser #savingforadoption #gofundme #lovemakesafamily #lovecrossesoceans

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Family ❤❤💘

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R: Real Internet friends turned real friends. Instagram is filled with an amazing mama community, especially an adoption and fostering community you just have to look for it. I met all of these babies and their sweet mamas through either Instagram or the best mamas through adoption group online. We all started out as strangers, but they are quickly becoming friends. Getting to do life with them, and having our kids grow up together and share a special bond is amazing. They went from our online friends and support system our real friends. We are all real mamas, and the babies are our real babies. Like me, I'm am pretty positive these mamas have been asked a time or two if they know their babies "real mom" or if they are our "real babies" because some people ask that. The answer is yes. I know Charlotte's real mom- that's me! Yes Charlotte is my real baby- she isn't fake. Like the post about questions I think this stems from not knowing. Adoption language can be unknown to those not involved in adoption. This week as we prepare for Thanksgiving, I am giving thanks for these real friendships I have made, and for my baby girl. I am thankful I have an amazing group of mamas to turn to when I need support, that I can talk to about my fears, or concerns. We all come from different paths, our adoptions all look different but we are all on this path together. Our babies share a special bond and will grow up with friends who like them are adopted too. Adoption doesn't define us, but it is a big part of us. #mightymamasbyadoption #nationaladoptionawarenessmonth #ljadoption #lovemakesafamily #knittogetherbyadoption

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so excited for this new chapter in our lives. ❤❤🙏🙏

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There are just so many things to be excited about between now and the end of the year and this little one couldn't agree more! Can't wait to experience the magic of the holiday season with her and getting to ADOPT her takes the cake as the best thing to happen before the year is up. Keep your eyes peeled 👀👨‍👩‍👧🙌🏻❤️

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Comment from Sosina Morgan:

It’s #nationaladoptionmonth and I’m answering questions sent to my DMs! . Q. How many babies have been “offered”? How do you cope with not being each babies parent? . A: Trust me, if they were offering babies to us left and right we would have a baby by now! But that’s not the way our agency works. While the baby is still in utero or less than 48 hours old, all the rights belong to the baby’s bio mother. So she gets “offered” different book of waiting adoptive parents to look at & she picks who she wants! So one day a birth mom will pick us based off what she sees in our book and then we’ll get the opportunity to say yes to that baby! So far only one birth mom picked us and then she chose to parent. How do I cope with not being every baby’s parent? It depends on the day! Sometimes I have a real tangible feeling that God is totally in control and knows which baby is ours! Some days I eat whipped cream right out the can crying that I’ll never get to be a mom. Most days I’m somewhere in-between. I cope by praying and reading lots of adoption stories. I cope by posting about this waiting period on instagram! Ha! I cope by copious amounts of self care and allowing myself to do some things that I won’t be able to do when we have a baby (like naps, and staying out late).

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My boo is Australian 🇦🇺 but he will also alway be 🇨🇦 Canadian! He was grown and born in Canada and it will always have a special in our Hearts .We are so blessed to have the most amazing surro that will always be apart of Nadav’s life. Our journey was amazing and we feel very blessed for that ❤️❤️❤️ #canada #surrogacy #surrobaby

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