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This is my #mantra. I'm not looking to drop the 60 lbs I want to lose overnight. I'm looking at making. SMALL SUSTAINABLE changes that I can build on EVERY DAY. Eveyone's journey is unique to them. Some people can make it happen fast, and some go slow ➡️ like me. Some people can just press play and do the moves like the cast or they have to modify and slowly get there ➡️ like me. So whether it's doing one more pushup from my toes that I could do yesterday, lasting 10 second more before taking a break on cardio days, slow progress is STILL Progress. I'm better stronger faster than I was. And you can be too. It doesn't have to be all or just to be ALL IN and let NOTHING stop you. #progressisprogress #slowbutsteady #berelentless #allin #steadfast #bethetortoise

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Today: find more reasons to smile, be unapologetic about your authenticity, and hold onto this mantra, let it radiate from you and onto everyone in your path. . It’s a perfect day, and what a blessing to be alive... reading this... 💗 . #omshanti #om #mantra #namaste #TheRippleProject #CreateRipples

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Wearing a mix of stones today, struggling with creativity and hoping these stones will help me get back on track.⠀ Wearing a mixed stone bracelet with help you with a little of everything. Another one of a kind piece.

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Much agreed! I've come to find I am angry grouchy short and pissy when I'm giving or simply interacting with ppl place things, when i need to attend to myself and its been long over due, when I'm over exhausting, spreading self too thin without nurturing my soul properly completely wholly with the same drive i have with others. Now it seems so obvious, take care of yohrself first be full before exchanging or giving ypur energy without draining or depletion but i use to give give give without reception or equality in most situations, relationships, jobs! I was always left feeling empty and sad, unworthy bc if I'mgiving my all and it's going as it is then something must be wrong with me. Yah I was giving of myself, energy and time to the situations, people, place, things, wants beliefs, mindsets, organizations, relationships that weren't feeding any life to me. There was no substance, meaning, pure intention of love and light. I may not have been aware of what I wanted then however I do now! Equal exchanges of energy, intention, awareness and acceptance of self as is yet growing 🌺🙏 Love & light Repost from @yesbabyilikeitraw Never give from your cup give from your saucer. Give from your overflow. -Lisa nichols . . . #healthyself #inspiration #message #quote #words #blogger #inspirational #speaker #love #affirmation #mantra #namaste #yoga #vegan #fearless #girlboss #smile #selflove #mindfulness #SelfCareSunday #selfcare #alignment

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T A C O M A ✨Wine not come to yoga?! 🍷🧘🏻‍♀️ Join me on your mats tomorrow evening at Union Salon! Wine and tea will be served at 6:30pm with yoga soon to follow. 💕

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