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Could @LinkedIn be the future platform for video content marketing? . I know. I was blown away too. . When my friend @tomassvitorka said he’d bet that I would get more views and engagement on LinkedIn I found it hard to believe. . So naturally I had to perform a little experiment 🔬 . I natively uploaded the same video across all three platforms ( @linkedin, @facebook & @youtube). . I wouldn’t spend a penny on advertising or promoting. And they would get equal air time: 1 Week. . Now here’s the crazy thing. . I have roughly 800+ likes on Facebook, 1.4k contacts on LinkedIn and 2.3k subscribers on YouTube. . And yet, after a week online, LinkedIn out performed Facebook and YouTube by far! (When it comes down to views and likes.) . So much so that my video on LinkedIn had 3x more views than Facebook and YouTube combined. . Nuts. . What I will point out though is that YouTube did win the battle of comments. And I’m all about comments! . Question is then, where are you going to be investing your time and energy in 2018? . Tag a friend who needs to see this and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. . . . . . . . #socialmedia #youtube #facebook #linkedin #content #marketing #garyvee #onlinemarketing #branding #video #videomarketing #contentmarketing #broadcast #impact #measage #experiment #humanguineapig #truthbombs #online #instatruths

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깜장머리 탈출하고 싶🤦🏻‍♀️

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Good Morning! Just a lil something to keep you guys pushing!

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