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To truly connect is to be curious and meet people where they are. And to find out how you might be able to serve them.

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Please join the community LIVE Sunday nights for my weekly Spiritual Sunday show at 7 PM EST at #spiritual #spirituality

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Comment from Noelia Madiedo:

“Arise! Awake! Accept!” The greatest challenge any of us faces in life is to wake up, to awaken from the sleep of unawareness into the joy of mindful awareness. The practice of awakening to the deeper, truer, more expansive realities within each moment, and of making the wisdom of the Masters our own, is essential to being human. I invite you to trust and to accept where life is leading you. Spend the last weeks of the year Awakening your consciousness. Arise to claim the magnitude of your true inheritance. Wonderful day to all 🙌🏼 #namogallery #noeliamadiedo #sunrise #loveislove #awakening #arise #accept #traveltheworld #bali

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I #believe that #God puts #people in our life for a #reason, and that he gives us who we need at the exact time we #need them, but that doesn't mean that they are #always gonna be here. #Sometimes people are just meant to be #here for a while: to #help you, to teach you #something, to help you understand who you are, to help you get better, to help you grow, and that is just it. They will not be here #forever. You need to #accept that some people are just meant to help you grow, not to #grow #old with #you.

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PART 1 I am dark, I am brown, I am pale, and it hurts when you call me names. I try to believe that I am beautiful no matter the colour of my skin, I really do, But it is so hard to when every step of the way you berate me. It is almost impossible to when everyday you slide in snide comments about my colour in every conversation. I laugh it off, you think it does not affect me, it does. Because somewhere along all the name calling and bullying I let your words define me. Somewhere along the way I started to believe in you more than I believe in myself. ******************** We try so hard to get just the perfect skin colour. We try so hard to look beautiful. But maybe, just maybe physical beauty is not the end goal. Maybe, just maybe self acceptance is. Video made and edited by the amazinggg @humanely_inhumane Do go check him out!! Featuring @lumos._.24 @das_perfekte_leben_vedant @moderately_good1 @sumit_____10 Words by @pooja.nair_ #counterspeechfellowshipylac #racism #love #accept #embracingdiversity @ylacindia @instagram @tarabedi

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