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Comment from Ethan:

through the window...

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Comment from Zac Edens:

Feeling the urge to wander through Europe again.

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Comment from Aylin🥀:

‘Way before we knew what this was all about, I chose to and you chose me. Yes, we had our other lives and we chose those too. Every person, every struggle, every heartache mistake was meant to happen so it could lead me to you and you to me’🕊 In 2 days I will experience my first thanksgiving and I am super excited for that. Celebrating it with an american family, I will help to prepare the food and I am looking forward to do that. Currently there is not much to tell you, my days are not that productive, except that I am in College for my last class today! Nothing else did happen, I do miss Robin and my family like crazy, so I am excited that Robin is probably coming to visit me in about 3 weeks IF everything works out fine! 💕🇺🇸 #traveltheworld #aupair #usa #followmefaraway #travelandlife #adventureculture #worlderlust #wearetravelgirls #followme #travel #wanderlust #bloggerin #bloggerstyle #newblog #welivetoexplore #newbloggerscentral #motivation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #couple #quotes #fashion #fashionblogger

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Comment from Azul Cano:

Era lo que temía tal vez todo era un sueño.

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Comment from Brice Ferré Studio:

After spending a weekend in San Francisco, I have officially started my solo road trip around California on Sunday afternoon. I've been traveling in the desert for a couple of days now, with no real plan in mind aside from major landmarks along the way. Yesterday, I was driving in the Sierra, when this oasis caught my eyes... Very unexpected, but quite welcome break in the middle of a whole lot of driving.

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Comment from FlowWithTheSoul:

Fall has come and gone so fast this year! Time to bust out the hot coffee and get ourselves some of this winter wonderland! 🎉☕️🌲🌲

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Comment from Peter Timmes:

"Portrait" of a yearling Bighorn in the Badlands. The feel of these animals combined with the place they call home is simply amazing. It's like a completely different world hidden in the plains of South Dakota.

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