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Comment from Manny Brakmont:

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You have the Power to Create Your Own Experiences by Focusing Your Attention on those things that You Want in Your Life Instead of over thinking, just do what feels good for you Instead of focusing on the negative thinking, start being your no 1 fan Instead of focusing on the mental chatter, start appreciating everything in your life Focus On Those Thinks That Will Get You Closer to Your Goals ✨♥️✨

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Comment from DillyBat Productions:

Stay ready

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Comment from Eric Michael 👑:

“The graceful orangutang” Do you have a least favourite body part train or exercise to perform? I would say biceps and in particular Barbell curls, these long levers make for an exceptionally wide range of motion. Coincidentally.. or possibly not, I tend to put the most effort into my bicep training just because I know I don’t like it and don’t want to leave that as an excuse for myself. It tends to be the thing we dislike or fear the most that we must do. 🙏

4 Minutes ago

Comment from Aimee Montgomery:

Elizabeth has always been one of my favorite mentors and leaders. At a time I needed wise advice in the area of relationships she wrote me a hand written letter. I’ll never forget that and I will never forget the advice she gave me about being single - its a gift. Dont let anyone tell you otherwise. And if your in a relationship remember it too is a gift treat it as such

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Comment from Mihir Thaker:

Perhaps you need some help to reset how you manoeuvre a rough ocean. There is a beautiful part of us, a deeper part of us, that when we get in tune with, we can grow beyond tough circumstances.

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