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Regal 👑

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Congrats baby  @bragadany on your 4th time walking for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, you were amazing in Shanghai. 👏🏽❤️😍 follow her  @bragadany.

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Yeah, sorry, I'm just leaving this here... 😱 Sissies are so lookalike in these pics! Vivi with that new hairstyle reminds to all of us that time when Shiloh used to have her hair like that! 💇 So yeah, a cute edit showing up the resemblance between these two beautiful blondies... even their faces are so similar in these pics! The sisters, #ShilohJoliePitt & #VivienneJoliePitt 💖 #brangelina4edits #blondies #joliepitt #joliepittkids #edit #lovely #angelinajolie #bradpitt #daughters #twingirl #hair #hairstyle

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A few highlights from this weekend’s 22nd UN Correspondent Awards honoring #angelinajolie with the Global Citizen of the year award for her tireless work advocating for refugees around the globe. ✨A beautiful night honoring activists, journalists, humanitarians and special human beings that risk their lives everyday to seek the truth, fight the fight, and give voice to the voiceless. An inspiration and a true reminder of living a purpose driven life🙏🏾 #uncaawards2017 #globalcitizen #purposedrivenlife #gratitude

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