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Comment from DownUnderBeach🏝:

YES! Nog een klein weekje voordat we weer open zijn!

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Comment from MollyPepper:

Vintage porcelain top farm table. Great turquoise, blue, cream and green patina. Farm chairs straight out of a Maine farmhouse.

14 Minutes ago

Comment from masasimone:

Nøgne Ø Global Pale Ale Hoppy Pale Ale

17 Minutes ago
18 Minutes ago

Have some chillax moment at night together with your family and friends! Why not bond and tell stories while enjoying a bonfire. Whether singing your hearts out with a guitar, playing games, roasting marshmallows and hotdogs, enjoying a cold drink or just having a solemn heart to heart talk and simply drinking in the warmth of each other's company, a bonfire can surely work wonders! #lobobatangas #nancysbeachhouse #summer #getaway #fun #batangas #beachhouse

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Comment from Jet Flotsam:

Picked up these two vintage Hawaiians at the local Salvatiom Army. A fun find! Hawaiian Flavor and Darina.

24 Minutes ago