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Každý anděl má svého démona 🙌🏽 #life

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It is a very tiny barrier between what we are for real and what we are for the reason of others. Do you see the difference?🦋 _____________ Even though we are all as one🔹living in a one network of consciousness🔹many of us are not self-aware enough to understand when it’s the fulfillment of individual energy that the Universe has sent to us in this life, and when we are acting just because we are taught to do that by society. _____________ Living in a digitalization age when there are so much stimulators coming out from social media, I find it hard to choose what role to play and WHO I AM, in general. Being a business student and a proactive employee my mindset has become constructed on strategies, schedule, growth, market evaluation and its needs. This all also added to the masculine side of my character. BUT WHAT IF THE CONSTANT GROWTH IS ABOUT THE LETTING GO, FLOW AND CHANGE? WHAT IF THAT REFLECTS THE MEDITATIVE INNER SILENT?🔹 _____________ Don’t you feel sometimes struck in one character just because of the responsibility to the society which perceives you as a one current personality? _____________ The most pressuring times are the ones during which we exactly have to let it go.🔹 _____________ Grateful for @yung_pueblo whose works I’ve found recently. All your simple words are purifying the healing process.🔹 #soul #business #life #mindset #society #socialmedia #digitalization #inspiration #letgo #healing #character #change #beginning #philosophy #innerpeace #simple #transformation

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Добрый день! Вот и мы решили создать свою страничку в Instagram🎉 Здесь будут публиковаться моменты со съёмок, а так же уже готовый материал😊 Ссылки на нас вы сможете найти в описании профиля, а так же связаться с нами в случае вопросов/предложений🎬 #cinemactionofficial #beginning

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