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Comment from eyesinacamera:

There’s nothing more freeing than coming to the realization that it’s absolutely okay to be passionate about something that not everyone else is into. That’s what makes you, you. There was a time where I used to make calculated decisions on what to post or how many likes it would get or even in my life, how my decisions would affect others or what they would say. Breaking that mold has been the best thing for me. Breaking that mold to find the balance in my life has been freeing.

48 Minutes ago

Comment from nicolecherieboyd:

“Know that you can start late, look different, be uncertain and still succeed.” A little inspiring quote for myself and maybe for others if you agree. And if not, no worries. 😉 Hair and Makeup by: @southwesternstyling

1 Hours ago

Comment from steven:

11/22 Volume chest load. While it is true that we ought to be grateful for those who have inspired our passions, it is, perhaps, more important that we strive to give inspiration to others. Do this and your own fire will never go out. #bebettereveryday #bepassionate

4 Hours ago

Taking what I've seen and learned throughout the years of my makeup career into practice of photography. Who would've thought I'd be taking photos of others for social media use? So lucky because my preparations met the opportunities to show what I'm capable of. The blessings are countless. #practicemakesperfect #hmua #mua #multitasker #onfire #blessed #prepare #opportunity #followyourheart #seewherelifetakesyou #focus #bepassionate. Do things with love or don't do it at all. #godisgood 🙏 and #theworldisyours 👉🌎👈

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