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#snapfitness #calisthenicsmovement #calisthenic #fitfam #bodyweighttraining #beingme #gynnastics #gymlife #commit #persistence #justdoit #nevergiveup #gymnasticbody #backtobasic #instafit #halfbosuball #closedeyes #balance #focus #believe #boysthatlift #feel #challenge #danceblind #monkeying @laila_lala_b dance while she closed her eyes while Im trying to use my legs and hands to stay balance. I thought I gave it a try. Very challenging when you panic or not sure who behind you. We are taking sight for granted, once we cant see it force you to use your other senses. Now we can have an appreciation of the eyes. If you watch Blood Sport movie JCVD or some blood Japanese samurai one you know they train blindfold.

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[Kids JK4] First ever National Kids Canoeing Championship! It’s their first time together in a jk4 fun race after all that serious 500m and 2km races! Turn on the volume if you wanna know how these minions work together(: With that being said, it took them 10mins and a lot of screaming and shouting to get in line hahaa!

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After my heavy, weighted pullups day earlier in the week, doing cluster sets of (wide grip) pullups was a great way to get in a lot of volume on my lighter pull day. 4, 4, 4 4, 4, 4 4, 4, 4 4, 4, 4 (10 secs btw clusters, 2 min btw sets) ____________________________________________________________________________________________ #pullday #backday #lats #bodyweighttraining #bodyweight #strengthtraining #bodybuilding #wings #vshape #lawyerswholift #fitattorney #beastinbusinesscasual #gains #saturdaynight #calisthenics

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Front lever is difficult because you have to support your entire body weight at the shoulder joint alone... achieving a front lever requires total body tension especially glutes and abs. Tension creates the straight body line and allows the lats, shoulders back and triceps to leverage entire body weight. It takes a fuck ton of conditioning to build the various muscle groups to harmoniously work together to achieve the final front lever. Im still in the early stages of conditioning practicing negative lever holds from the floor but im pretty stoked on my progress and ability to hold my position at various angles before hitting the floor.

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Working on my 🤚 Balancing, feeling much comfortable with the form. Got lost throughout the months but it’s time to pick up where I left off. So knee on working on my dynamics on the bars! I may be tall and bulky for a bar #ATHELITE which has a bit of disadvantage but not an excuse to not work on them! #GoalDigger - #TSF

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I choose to chase my dreams. How about you? Happy Sunday everyone ☀️

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