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Thanks for the exciting ride. Thanks for season 2 . . . (I think my favourite episode from this season is still ep.3, though. Loved the festivities, the fun, the laughs, the suspense and of course, the big shock in the end; what’s more, that was one of the few episodes this season that covered -all- the characters that I care about in the show (including Javier’s nieces). No more. No less.

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#singing 'It's our Anniversary' 🎶🎼 Shukr Allah for another year to our lives. Without Allah we would not of survived 14years of marraige together. We've been through so many struggles and times we both wanted to give up, but we didn't. We stuck through it. Ya Rabb without you we would be lost. Shukr to my Better half for putting up with me, I know I can be more than a handful sometimes, emphasis on sometimes. I appreciate all you are and all you do for me and our daughters. Love you loads. 💓💓💓 May Allah bless us with many more happy years to come. #ouranniversary #14years #bonnieandclyde #romeoandjuliette #yingandyang

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