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[ Your POV ] its been 4years since we were together, and next week’s our anniversary.. couldn’t he spend more time with me since his schedules aren’t pack recently?? Where has he been the whole day?? He’s been out a lot recently and every time i asked Jongin where was Chanyeol, he’ll say he’s with Baek.. He’ll rather spend time more with Baek now, i guess he’s getting bored since its almost 4years now..

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2 years ~ 2 years ago on December 9th EXO realsed their 2nd winter Album called "SING FOR YOU" I remember my mom ordering is the albums and when we got them I ended up getting Kai for the Photocard of his album. I know they didn't do a Christmas album in 2014 because of the exo members that left but I am so happy that they did one for 2015. 😊 ~ Happy 2nd Anniversary SING FOR YOU #Kris #Chen #Tao #Kai #DO #Suho #Baekhyun #Chanyeol #Sehun #Xiumin #Lay #Luhan #EXO #Exo #exo #Exoisamazing

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ขอชานยอลกลับบ้านที่นึงค่ะ Me: ยื่นกระเป๋าตังค์ให้ #cafeuniverse #chanyeol

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