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My fantastic four MCU fancast and movie plot In this movie Mr fantastic ( #johnkrasinski) a top sheild scientist and his family movie into the Baxter building. A new nation founded from sokiva's ashes called Latvia and the head of the new nation is reed richards old freind Victor Von Doom ( #joaquinphoenix). #charlizetheron would play invisible women and #joekeery from stranger things would play her brother the human torch. #mcu #reedrichards #johnnystorm #humantorch #johnkrasinski #charlizetheron #joaquinphoenix #drdoom #marvel #fantasticfour #invisiblewoman

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"Oh what a day, what a lovely day!" Mad Max: Fury Road took me by surprise. The production took forever to get through George Miller's visionary movie finally released in May 2015, with universal praise from fans and critics alike. It even took home 6 oscars! Fury Road features one of my favorite moments in cinema history: the first shot of the flamethrower guitar guy. It was a clear indication of the movie you are getting yourself into. It's pure insanity, a 2 hour road chase that barely has time to catch its breath. Tom Hardy, whilst being a man of few words, is a great recast of Max. Charlize Theron is a riot! I loved her Furiousa character who arguably was outshines Hardy and was more of the lead. The action, stunts, and use of practical effects over CGI really shows. It's a beautiful movie. The black and chrome edition is worth checking out too! #madmax #madmaxfuryroad #furyroad #tomyhardy #georgemiller #charlizetheron #steelbook #steelbooks #steelbookcollector #steelbookcollection #moviebuff

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Girls' day out 🛍💕🎀 Actress #CharlizeTheron as went shopping with her mother Gerda and daughter August in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles

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#CharlizeTheron took a well-deserved break as went shopping with her daughter August in Larchmont Village, Los Angeles, on Thursday. 📷Splash News

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When I feel that my inner resources were depleted, go on a journey. #CharlizeTheron

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