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Please meeting great people. Boston is becoming more comfy everyday. @xlodde @flywheelsports #flywheel #whywefly #spin #sportchiro #chiropractor ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Do you have an injury? DM me with your questions!

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The newest member of the Return to Health team is Dr. McKenzie Nisbet, our Naturopathic Doctor. Dr. McKenzie joined the team this January, and she aims to make true health accessible by creating individualized treatment plans that fit your life. Dr. Nisbet will give you the tools and motivation you need to reduce stress, regulate your hormones and remove obstacles along the way. You can find her in the office on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Here are Dr. Nisbet’s fun facts: 1. Dr. Nisbet loves to ski in the winter and golf in the summer, with plenty of hiking in between. She is always open to trail suggestions! 2. Her carrot cake is legendary. 3. She was born and raised in Aurora, and is thrilled about the opportunity to be practicing in her hometown!

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Came across an interesting article yesterday on acetaminophen and birth defects. Found a few more articles along the way. It's interesting as time goes on more commonly used medications are being found to be harmful. Avoid medication when it's possible, remember #movementismedicine

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Self-growth doesn't happen overnight and is a life long proces.

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Putting your health at the top of your list is critical if you want to create a world-class life for you and your family.

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THE NEW VLOG IS UP‼️ • • Click the link in our bio for our youtube channel, full of adjustment compilations, walk-through and our weekly vlogs! DONT MISS OUT‼️

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Did you know we offer a one-week FREE trial to anyone interested in trying one of our classes? . . If you or anyone else you can think of that might want to come in and try a class or two to see if we are a good fit together pass this along to them or simply tag them in the comments below! . . We'd happily contact them for you and set them up for their first class with one of our brilliant coaches like Marc, @tbaxterpt and Nicole Van Dyck! . . #trainyourbodyfeedyoursoul #fitness #gym #surreybc #southsurrey #whiterock #vancouver #fit #yoga #stretch #gymmotivation #yogaeverydamnday #yogainspiration #spinning #spinclass #cardio #strength #rehab #chiropractor #weightloss #weightlossjourney #nutrition #health #gethealthy #eathealthy #vancity #langleybc #deadlift #fitmom #fitfam

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Did you know??? An injured worker is 28 times less likely to have spinal surgery if the first point of contact is a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC), rather than a surgeon. ... If you've suffered an injury we're here to help. We work with ICBC and WCB as well as personal injury. Call 604-510-4455 or click the link in our bio.

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It’s #WellnessWednesday and we’re breaking out one of our favorite and most used physical therapy tools, the @mbslingshot Hip Circle! The glutes are the powerhouse of the hips and extremely important for explosive athletic movements and everyday activities such as getting up from sitting and balancing. When it comes to the low back, the root of chronic pain may be from compensation patterns due to weak glutes. The sling can be used for a variety of exercises, but for our purposes we’re gonna focus on the hips and go through 4 that our patients absolutely love to hate with one of our physical therapy aides @maryamkalu ! 1️⃣ Hip 3-way: Start with the sling just above the knees, stand on one leg while pushing the opposite leg against the sling as far as you can in flexion, abduction, and extension. Be sure to keep your torso as upright as possible to prevent compensating movement at the low back. 2️⃣ Monster Walks: With the sling above the knees, stand in an athletic position with the knees and hips slightly bent. Step out to one side while keeping the toes pointed forward, maintain tension on the sling by keeping the feet shoulder-width apart as you step in with the trail foot. 3️⃣ Penguin Walks: Start with the sling in the same position right above the knees. Keep tension on the sling with legs slightly wider than shoulder-width, knees are going to be locked out while you walk forward and then backward like a penguin. 4️⃣ Waddles: This one is a burner! Keep the same position as the Penguin Walks, toes are going to stay straight as you waddle back and forth in place. This one we are going for time to really make those glutes burn! If you’ve been experiencing hip, knee, or chronic low back pain schedule your physical therapy evaluation or complimentary consultation by calling (201)977-4441 or visit

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Thanks neuroplasticity 👌🏼

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One week left of Invigorate Olympics!! Will YOU win the Gold? 😆 👐

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