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For years I believed that I had to earn Gods forgiveness by trying to make everything right and doing everything perfect in His eyes, when all that did was keep me in bondage. My perception of who God was became distorted, I saw Him a someone who would punish me when I made a mistake or who was ready to reject me for not being perfect. It was my struggle with rejection that lead me to strive for perfection, I was always seeking to be accepted and it lead me to doing things that most people won't do. The enemy deceived into thinking that God didn't love me or wouldn't love me if I messed up, but that's far from the truth because the word of God says that while I was still in sin Christ Jesus died for me. I am 22 years young and I've been in church since I was 7, which is 15 years of believing a lie that I was unlovable, I was wounded by shame and that left me feeling unworthy to be loved by God, when the truth is he never stopped loving me, the enemy will try to use the experiences that you have been through to make you feel as though God is distant and cold and doesn't care about your needs, when the truth is God desires to have an intimate relationship with His people, if the enemy can get you to believe that he rejected you, he can cause you to turn you to harden your heart, build up walls and turn you against God, so that you would not be able to receive the love that He has for you. A creator does not despise his creation after he has spent hours putting in every little detail, but holds you up as a prized possession, they know that what they have created is fragile so they make sure that it is always protected, they keep watch over it to make sure that no harm is done to what they have spent hours to create, it's always on their mind day night making sure that it's alright and they would move heaven and earth just find their lost prized possession to restore it back to its original state. God is a creator, we are his prized possessions and He sent his son to die for us so that our relationship can be restored with him. Someone who is willing to give their life in exchange to be with you must love you a whole lot, even when the feelings weren't mutual.

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"This summer, my grandpa passed away. For my whole life, I had always been praying that he would become a believer or even just be open to having a conversation about something that was so valuable to me. He was on his deathbed, dying from cancer, and I had a chance to talk with him. The fact that he was even open to talking to me was already an answered prayer. But for him to even become a Christian at the end of our conversation and be truthful to that, was something that not only I had been praying for, but my brother and my parents had also been praying for. It was not just an answered prayer for me, but it was an answered prayer for my entire family."⠀ ⠀ - Noah Seto ( @noahseto)⠀ ⠀ As we approach the Thanksgiving season, have there been any recent answered prayers in your life that you're thankful for?⠀ ⠀ Picture by: Jonie Lau⠀ #TCP #TheCultivationProject #OrdinaryPeople

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Photos after the dedication! My Son is a Christian now 😃 ... Feature Big cousin Troy! #Christian #Bass #Troy

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NEW VIDEO IS UP! GET READY WITH ME - Thanksgiving Edition! (Link in bio)🧡 If you are still wondering what you are going to wear tomorrow...I give an outfit idea on this video so go check it out!

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(+70) thanks My Lord for your greatful grace in Cambodia. Plz fill my heart with your love and show me your plan for me. I want to carry my cross on my back and follow Jesus Christ. Cambodia really need your Grace. You are the ONLY one who can heal Cambodia. plz Let them know your love. Thanks my Father, my God, my Lord, my savior, my healer and my King. You are always my BEST. i NEVER get ahead of you. I Love you so much and will love you more and more. I believe you are always with me. Already won in Jesus name. Amen. #selfie #phnompenh #cambodia #Christian #missionary #thanksGod #inJesusname🙏

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