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With Damon Sherriel And @CSpivek For Inspirado Projecto @kchungradio Today! Stay Tuned For The Archive!

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Rare a bond where both are invested in each other’s growth. Give support. Give aid. Give strength. Be a positive to the growth of one another. Movements by ourselves but a cosmic force when we’re together.

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When you find someone you can talk to about anything and everything. No boundaries.

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✨ b L u e k y a n i t e ✨one of the only minerals on the planet that neither picks up nor retains negative energy. Hence, it does not require cleansing and can even be used to clear other crystals. It instantly aligns all the chakras and promotes a calming effect to the whole being. It particularly stimulates the throat and third eye chakras increasing communication and psychic awareness. I️ recently became obsessed with this mineral without even knowing why. After doing my research, it’s no wonder I️ fell in love at first sight. I️ have two large chunks in my home. This one is in my room and the other is in the middle of my home, in my living room. I’ve learned that when I’m blocked, the accumulation of stagnant energy really weakens my aura and energy making me experience more anxiety and an increased sensitivity to negative energy. It has become so important to me to not only protect the energy of my home, but my spiritual health as well. That’s why I️ surround my house with herbs and flowers as well as crystals all around my home to keep things light. I️ definitely feel all the healing energies of kyanite flow through me when I️ hold her. It’s such a beautiful and powerful piece 🌙✨ Thank you @cave_and_canyon for this magical piece 🖤

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