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Comment from Crystal Campbell ✨:

I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day. 🍀 • We had a fun-filled day of crafts, activities, lots of green food and this #rainbowrice #sensorybin 🌈 • I took @dollartree coins and stuck rainbow colored star stickers on them. Then I hid them in the bin and the kids took turns digging out coins. The first one to collect the rainbow won. ☘️ • We also used the coins to play a matching game and for a rainbow coin scavenger hunt (rainbow coins for the win! 🙌) 💚 • Of course, mixing up all the rice was the most fun of all. 😜 #atleastigotafewpicsfirst . . . . . #stpatricksday #stpatricksdaywithkids #ccholidays #creativechildhood #sensoryplay #handsonlearning #learningthroughplay #oursensorykids #playideas #kidsactivities #kidsactivitiesblog #kidsactivityblogger #momblogger #homeschoolideas #activitiesforkids #lifewithlittles #mynameismama #holidayswithkids #holidayactivities #stpatricksdayactivities #creativemamas #mydayswithkids

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Hope everyone had a GREAT ST. PATRICKS DAY!🍀🌈💛 be safe out there tonight!

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Comment from Shelly Lloyd-Samson:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Did you spot any rainbows today and find your pot of gold? We found some gold (see my stories)✨🍀✨ We made these fun rainbow carriers last year to collect the rainbow on our nature walk, complete with rainbow handle🌈 Search 'rainbow walk' on my blog to get some more colorful walking tips 🌈 Hope you’re all having a colorful weekend!

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My army of assistants, patiently waiting for me to enlist them for my next project 🤗 I’ve had so little time to paint lately, but spending time in my studio - even if I’m not actually painting - helps me stay connected to my in progress paintings. I’m looking for other ways to connect when I’m unable to get my hands dirty. What keeps you inspired when you have to take time away from your creative pursuits? #paintbrusharmy

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When your 6 year old daughter tells you, “those other paintings are really pretty Mom, but next time you should really use some light pink.” You shut up and listen 😂 ⠀ ⠀ For so long (years!) I thought that having kids meant I had to stop painting. But she clearly has a better grasp on color theory than I do 😂 and she helps me to see things through different, less cynical eyes. ⠀ ⠀ Now if I can just get her to stop stealing my art supplies 😉 😆

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Comment from Georgy:

Since giving birth I have really struggled with a sense of identity - the changes physically, and physiologically are momentous to say at the least! Over the past few months however my perspective on this experience has shifted and I have realised (after many deep, thought provoking discussions with an incredible and truly gifted friend) and I now see birth for what it really is; a catalyst for change - both creatively and individually. It is true that when a baby is born, a Mother is also born. Her brain changes neurologically and her desires for her self and her family change... So, with all of the spare time that I can muster I have decided to dedicate this to a little passion project exploring these changes deeper. I would love to hear from you if you have experienced profound creative desires post partum (and fulfilled them), uncovered new talents or re uncovered old talents, changed career paths drastically or evolutionised the way that you previously worked to benefit you and your family. I would love to ask you a few questions! Beautiful 📸 via @trinacaryphotography #motherhoodunplugged #creativemamas #freelancemum #breastfeeding #motherhood #motherhoodrising #creators #birthofcreative

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#weekendvibes | Love to spend time on the weekend in a cozy cafe / bookstore! Helps me recharge. How about you? What is your fav. way to relax, while getting that creative inspiration at the same time? Share with me in the comments, loves! 💕 Walk In Your Creative Power, E Founder Women Creatives Chat Inspiring | Empowering | Connecting Creative Women Authentically #womencreativeschat #womenempowerment #womenwriters #womenartists #worklifebalance #bmorecreatives #bmoreartists #baltimoreartists #womencreatives #creativemamas #creativepreneur #creativesontherise #selfcarematters #redemmasbookstore #goodbooks #womemempoweringwomen #womeninthearts #powerofjournaling #journalingisgoodforthesoul #selfcarematters #mimdfulnessmatters #booklovers #mybaltimore

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Comment from Maria Kanno:

Are you a breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner person? What’s your meal of choice? I’m all about pancakes 🥞mixed with bananas 🍌, drizzled with golden syrup🍯. The rest of my family are all egg people, so I did the puff pastry pocket egg, bacon and cheese dance. Hungry? 🤔😁

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Now for the embroidery details 🐰🌷

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Comment from skeinsncoils:

Happy Saturday 🤗 My plans for this weekend is Netflix and crochet 😁. Hopefully I can finish this baby blanket and continue working on my next #wip. Multipe WIPs keep me engaged and motivated. Once this school year is over my days will be filled with WIPs! Baby blanket pattern: @redheartyarns Faux Ribbed Baby Blanket LW5055 Yarn: @yarnspirations Bernat Softee Baby- Grey Marl & Flannel . . #crochetersofinstagram #crocheter #crochetgirlgang #redheartyarns #yarnspiration #creativemamas #wip #yarn #crochet #creativelifehappylife #crochetisbae

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