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I’m so desensitized to feeling these emotions @theweeknd #

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Nov. 24th (4:55 AM) 👤 . . "Being alone does soothe my insane thoughts and unholy imagination. Being alone in the silence smoothes out the wrinkles in my brain, slowly unraveling the convoluted veins and bathing my nerves in rich oils. But I am fearful of this peace and this new reality, yes it's soothing but it's horrifying. Mentally I'm prepared to sit in a room hearing the whistles between the thistles and wrenched grass, emotionally and physically I can't comprehend the thought of old age seeping in my bones every second as I sit there. When I am alone I see the earthquakes and hurricanes, I smell the vulgarity of death caressing my nose, I hear the explosions and haunted screams, and I taste the sour midst that warms the humid air. I want to run into a crowd, have unwanted sex to sleepover with anonymous men, I stay in uncomfortable situations because the clement bodies relax my spirit. I need attention, I need someone with me on stormy nights, I need someone in days when the sun is dim and the moon's light is blocked by the foggy clouds. One day ... you will see my body bleed out to death because in the moment I needed you, but you didn't come. My feelings of being unwanted and unloved lead to this demise."

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