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Comment from Nikolett Pankovits:

It was an honor to be part of the ‘Groove’ project. As @adamboncz said: “nowadays everything is about division. They created this project to celebrate the beauty of diversity and the importance of every culture, race & religion around us. From transgender activists to 9/11 survivors, amputee athletes, Hasidic Jews, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians and many other New Yorkers were dancing to prove that happiness unites us all.” Thanks for having me 🙏& thanks to Rebecca for thr video! #diversity #newyork #groove #dancing

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Comment from Lgbtq+ & Support 🔴:

school is stressful as shit damn -ash

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LAUNCH DAY TODAY! We are thrilled to share the second feature edition of Soulful Living Magazine. This is a free digital magazine, created with passion and heart for your enjoyment and inspiration. I am delighted to share the special contributors to this edition and know you will love their words and all they share as much as I do. This has been a beautiful collaboration with some wonderful people. None more so than Lee, who I know you'll agree has created another cover design that's truly stunning. As with our first edition, you'll also be able enjoy her beautiful images and art work we have infused throughout the magazine. We love this magazine, and I'm so grateful for all the support and for our contributors who've helped bring this feature edition to life. It's a joy to share with you all. Please visit the website home page and sign up to receive your free copy today, or through the link in the profile above. We would love to hear your thoughts as you enjoy reading through the pages within. And if you love it, please share with others as we hope to reach and touch so many hearts with this magazine that truly embodies the message of 'show the world who you are through your heart'. Enjoy! X Katie

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Mapping Melbourne is back! Over 150 artists from China, Indonesia, Australia, India, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and Phillippines are featured in an exciting line up of performances, exhibitions and events all across the Melbourne CBD. Check out the full program on the link below and make sure to save the dates! (Link in bio) • • • #mappingmelbourne #multiculturalartsvictoria #multiculturalarts #asianart #contemporaryart #melbourne #diversity

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Comment from mirco_in_nyc:

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Some things change you in ways you can never return to your old self, parenthood is one of those things. . Oliver Jeffers is unmistakably the most well known artist in children's books. It's not just his unique and beautiful art but they way he also uses his art as a platform. If you follow him, you know he speaks for injustice and for what I agree is the betterment of human kind. This beautiful book was first written as a letter to his son in the first few months of his life. Upon reflection, it's really a manual to all humans of any age. It is beautiful, sweet, and full of the deepest wisdom - kindness. . "There are only three words you need to live by, son: respect, consideration and tolerance"- Oliver Jeffers Dad. There is indeed enough room on the earth for all of mankind. @penguinrandomhouse @oliverjeffers Age: 3-7

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I was stressed out today for real, I cried before the gym and immediately following. I have a big heart and love hard...never been much of the savage type although I would have to say time changed me to a certain extent. Do you ever overthink and wonder why something happened or what you could have done to change it or fix it knowing deep inside the answer is nothing. All I can say is just know no matter how much you love and care for someone it will never be enough for someone who isn't ready for it... It's not a reflection of you. Hold your head up high, don't doubt yourself and trust that everything that is happening in your life is setting you up for exactly what you deserve. May you have sweet dreams that make you smile in the morning. 😘💎👑 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ootd  #ootdmagazine  #ootdshare #tbt #throwback #styleblogger  #styleblog #streetstyle  #streetwear  #streetfashion #fashioninspo  #styleinspiration #latina #alternativecurves #diversity #blondhair #forever21plus #trendalert #photooftheday  #styleoftheday  #stylegram #labelcurve #skorchstyle #boldncurvy #bigandblunt #beautybeyondsize #fullfigure_fashion #plusisamust #stylewatch #womensupportingwomen

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Join Us At The Table ladies! Regardless of race, religion, or culture background! In order to stand together we must first sit together! For every $25 ticket you purchase please bring a young girl between the ages 13-18. It's imperative that we encourage the young beauties to absorbing the positive conversation. We have to show them how to reach across the table Click the link in my bio! #phillysupportsphilly #phillywomen #phillyempowerment #boss #womenempowerment #christianwomen #muslimwomen #jehovah #gospel #bosslady #women #powerfulwomen #busywomen #busymoms #singlewomen #diversewomen #diversity #blackgirlsrock #girlsrock #womenceo

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Ratha Yatra or Chariot Festival is a Hindu festival associated with Lord Jagannath held at Puri in the state of Odisha, India. During this annual festival three richly decorated chariots, resembling temple structures, are pulled through the streets of Puri. • A Million Tongues’ - created in collaboration with @sumanshantanu for #Indianama2017

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