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We are thrilled to be invited to donate to this incredible event! GC friends get along to this "afternoon with friends" to support a wonderful cause with lots of gorgeous goodies up for grabs! #Repost @themummyvillage This is shaping up to be an EPIC afternoon of family friendly fun!! And it couldn’t happen with out countless Aussie businesses. But tonight I’d like to do a little shout out to the local peeps who are helping to make a difference in their community 🔆 (for more info on the event click the link in our bio!!) • • • • • #afternoonwithfriends #domesticviolence #domesticviolenceawareness #saynotodomesticviolence #goldcoastbusinesses #aussiebusinesses #supportyourlocal #fundraiser #fundraising #charity #supportingwomen

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Growing up, I struggled with caring way too much about what others thought of me. With wanting them to like me... with feeling like I had to be friends with everyone... and sometimes, even compromising myself to keep them happy (I grew up in a small town and this unfortunately is just how it was). The fear of people not liking me was far greater than my own personal standards, apparently. As a result of this unhealthy mentality, I spent a lot of time trying to people-please and befriend and/or help the wrong people... which carried over into adulthood. . Going through a widespread character assassination at the hands of a sociopath- that I had no control over- really made me look at every aspect of life differently; especially with what people think of me. We have very little control about what people do and say about us- especially these pathological types. They are sick. And to those that participate or follow them... well, good luck with that. . Those closest to me know me. They know the truth, they know the person I am, and they support me through the ups and downs. I don't have to prove anything to them and if there is ever rarely a disagreement, we just talk it out. Those relationships are the ones I consistently put my time and energy towards and it is reciprocated. Those relationships are the ones that I do and should care about what they think ❤️ . Now- for the other folks, well... sorry. If they don't like me or something I do, unless it is truly a situation that I need to rectify- my response is just, "Okay." And that's it. No more people-pleasing. I don't even attempt to put my energy towards it. Some people will dislike or judge you for anything and everything (especially if you don't do what they want you to do). And those are exactly the people that you don't need to put your energy towards, and you don't need to care what they think 🕊 . Inspired by @jerkwhisperer ❤️ and image reposted from @estodo4u

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SURVIVOR not criminal ✊🏽 • • • Cyntoia Brown was a 16 year old child from Tennessee. After running away from her abusive adoptive father she was picked up and sex trafficked up by a pimp named Kut Throat. He repeatedly abused her, strangled her, raped her while she cried and forced her to have sex with other men while being held at gunpoint. Eventually Kut Throat had her working the streets as a prostitute. — While working the streets for Kut, a sex trafficker and child predator named Johnny Allen, 43, picked her up and brought her back to his house. When she arrived at Allen's house, she found it full of guns. Allen then proceeded to grab her forcefully, gave her a chilling look and reached over the bed to where his gun was stashed. Afraid for her life, Cyntoia then shot and killed Allen. She grabbed all the money and protection she could and then fled the house. Sixteen-year-old Cyntoia Brown was then picked up and arrested for Allen's murder. — That was 11 years ago, Cyntoia has been serving a life sentence at the Tennessee Corrections for Women ever since. You can help Cyntoia by signing this presidential pardon petition, known as the 'MoveOn Petition - aimed at helping grant Brown's freedom. — You can also send your love and support to Cyntoia at the following address: — Ms. Cyntoia Brown Tennessee Prison for Women 2 North, B49 3881 Stewarts Lane Nashville, TN 37218-3302

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My little migraine guardian angel. Dogs are so healing, be it physical or mental pain. Mine have helped me beyond words with PTSD, anxiety and depression. Those who have dogs, how have yours helped you heal? . . . . . . . . #metoo #sexualassault #survivor #lifeafterassault #youarenotalone #breakthesilence #speakout #hope #noshame #enddv #endsexualviolence #endsexualassault #endabuse #speakup #heal #believe #believesurvivors #ptsd #depression #ptsdrecovery #youareworthit #domesticviolence #domesticviolenceawareness #trauma #traumarecovery #abusesurvivor #gsd #germanshepherdpuppy #germanshepherd

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"In The Clouds" Written by:KRISTINA MONTEMAYOR FLORES ~ Beautiful Photo By: @nateworth_ check out his page this guy is an awesome and talented photographer! Love his craft. ~ ~ Music by: Commadors Song: Easy I do not intend to use this song for profitable reasons nor do I intended to infringe. #toolarmy #toolband #tool #poems #poetrycommunity #poetry #maynardjameskeenan #myownpersonalhell #aperfectcircle #art #billyhowerdel #soberlife #musically #musicvideo #videopoem #music #writer #writing #quotes #puscifer #sober #domesticviolence #domesticabuse # #photography #photographer #easylikesundaymorning #thecommadors

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I could try to find fancy words but the truth is I have none. Often times words aren't delicate enough to hold space for healing from traumas so heavy... Traumas so heavy the imprints can still be seen deep inside the heart decades later. It's as if every beat echoes their voices that once thundered in the night. Although the past is no longer... they still linger. And yet the silent Survivor journeys on... #survivor #healing coming soon Project 👣 Journey Photography 📷 @parkerspics313 MUA 💄 @lybartistryofficial to my Survivors I hear you even when there are no words 🖤

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