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Comment from Irma:

I probably grew way too many cosmos this summer but I can’t help myself. They have always been a favourite...and all these new-to-me varieties are too much. 💕

48 Days ago

Comment from littlebirdfarm:

It's dry and still late summer in the greenhouse on this wet blustery late fall day. These colors, oh, they make me feel better. I've never taken winter's approach easily. The season has a very different and more ominous feel in Zones 4 and colder. I wish I loved skiing as much as I love flowers (and I do like skiing)... It'll be 👌 Little Bird. We will just avoid reality a little longer in the warm green bubble. #drearyday #windingdown #greenhousemagic #stillsummeryay #nasturtium #doubleclickcosmos #persiancarpetzinnias #gomphrena #barnwood #flowerfarmer #littlebirdfarm

51 Days ago

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Comment from Trisha Snyder:

Spotlight on Double Click Cosmos! All their luscious petals make a normally "basic" wildflower (original cosmos) look like a princess. In the past few weeks, we have started to sow the seeds for these in the ground for an earlier harvest next spring! #doubleclickcosmos #lancasterflowers #flourishflowers

80 Days ago
87 Days ago

Lots of flower seeds to harvest this year! These Double Click Cosmos were so pretty this year! Thank you @floretflower for such beautiful flowers!

95 Days ago

Comment from janeintraining:

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