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Comment from Ashley:

Take me back to Wednesday so I can eat this delicious breakfast again 😭 or ya know, I could get up off my lazy bum and make a copycat recipe. But y'all know that's not gonna happen 😂 this was a deliciously overpriced room service breakfast that I plan on making and adding into my breakfast loop. They call this the egg white tostada. It was a thin wheat tortilla baked until crispy, black bean mash smeared on top, fluffy egg whites, corn salsa, and freshly sauteèd spinach (was also supposed to have avocado but I didn't get mine 😑🙄☹😒). I am drooling just typing this. This thing was HUGE so I ate half and then grazed on it while I was getting ready. Tastes just as good ice cold 😂😜. Anywhoooo. I hope everyone is having a great morning!!! What's everyone else having for breakfast? We could all use some more 💣 ideas!!

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Saturday best day in the week👌chill, food, a lot of food🤪bath✔️had to take a pic now before its to late🐷😂December and christmas time.

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