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🍃 Leafy malachite forest goddess pendant ~ I love malachite one of my faves! 🌿

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{Venice 1899} - It looks like a big 🐟

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Bæ 🖤 You have to know that he is one of my fav male characters ever, I love him so much I could write a paragraph about him and it would only make me love him even more 💙 • Anime : Akatsuki no Yona / Yona of the dawn • Song : Imagine Dragons - Thunder • |credits to /yummi_v| • 🖤

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Comment from Ciel Irino:

🌸"Awh, look, you have a single flower... You worked super hard and it's so pretty! Good job!" And at that moment, as if on queue, the flower fell from the branch and into my hand. I was in shock, but an overwhelmingly happy feeling rushed through me- then I put the flower in my hair, thanked the bush, and walked away.🌸

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Visual landscape...surprise

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"Despite the name, she is not prepared for what awaits her inside the tent." • I'm currently reading The Night Circus! I am loving the style of writing and the concept of the story so far - about 150 pages in. • Wow! I can't believe how welcoming and amazing the #bookstagramcommunity has been already! Thank you everyone who liked & commented on my first post. I'm so excited to join you all. What book(s) are you currently reading?

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