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kejang demam part 3 . in this session i share about risk of febrile covulsion becoming epileptic seizure, when they need to be hospitalized, and also the conclusions.. . utk kapan saat yang tepat prents kasih anti kejang rectal dirumah, kalau aku sih jangan nunggu sampe 15 menit ga berenti baru dikasih ya.. . karena anak kejang artinya SELURUH OTOT nya berkontraksi termasuk saliran napasnya akan berkontraksi menjadi MENYEMPIT.. sehingga ada chance anak kita kekurangan oksigen selama kejang.. dan otak/saraf kita akan rusak bila tidak dapat oksigen sekian menit saja.. dan kabar buruknya, sel saraf yang sudah rusak tidak dapat memperbaiki diri seperti jaringan tubuh yang lain.. . semoga anak-anak kita semua diberi kesehatan dan keselamatan sama Allah Tuhan YME.. . jadi ke dr anak buat imunisasi, kontrol pertumbuhan dan perkembangan ajaaa ✌️🙏😇 . #dokteranakjakarta #pediatrician #kejangdemam #febrileconvulsion #tanyadrkanya

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. J u s t F o r Y o u 🌸 . A BIG thank you from Rich and I for all the L 💛 v e, messages of support and well wishes. 💫 . Pearl had a Febrile Convulsion on Saturday which was a very traumatic experience for us all. Unfortunately this is Pearls second seizure in 6 months 😔 it’s caused when her temp rises suddenly when she has an infection. Apparently they are common, a common illness that the hospital see on a daily basis, I just don’t know anyone who suffers from them (apart from one lady on here). Obviously it’s shaken Rich and I to the core. It was extremely upsetting to see as it was such a bad fit. I I pray that it never happens again to our precious girl but unfortunately it probably will. They say it’s something she will grow out of as her brain develops?, and there are no repercussions from them. However as a concerned parent and like anyone going through this I would like to know the ins and outs of it all. Are anyone’s else’s child suffering from them when they have an infection? Any tips and advise would be so gratefully received. We’ve bought extra first aid kits and will be extra vigilant when I notice any signs of infection. Loose stools, loss of appetite slightly off, temperature. Even if we do catch the temp and give her calpol and ibuprofen it may not be enough to stop the seizure from happening. 😔💔 I would love to be able to reach out and chat to any mums who are going through this, or been through this now your child has grown out of them. . Thank you SO much again for all the love. 💛 your the BEST! . . Lots of love Emma, Rich and Pearl X . . #febrileseizure #febrileconvulsion #adviseneeded #mypearl #mop #motherofpearlhandmade #love #thankyou #thegirlwiththeyellowballoon

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Comment from The Newborn Nanny:

New parents/soon to be parents out there- make sure to get yourselves a good thermometer! 4 month injections came hand in hand with temperature spikes 🤒 So even though Georgie was sleeping, she had to be woken and given Calpol at 4 hourly intervals. As you can see from the picture, she didn’t mind being woken at 1am🙈 I removed clothing, cool compresses were applied and I tried to keep her from skin to skin to stop temp rising. I was checking her temp every 5 minutes, and only let her go back to sleep when temperature read low 37degrees. Babies with high temperatures can have febrile convulsions. I have witnessed it with other babies and is very scary to see. Spotting and dealing with temperatures as they are only developing is key! #babytemperature #babysickness #newbornbaby #soontobeparents #newmother #newfather #febrileconvulsion #hightemperature #4monthinjections #thenewbornnanny

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Comment from Zoe:

Well after we spent most of the evening in hospital yesterday after Annie had 2 febrile convulsions she has spent most of the day on our living room floor on a bed of cushions . This is a baby who HAS to be in her cot to sleep but all she wants is cuddles and to be near us. Still spiking temps of 39.5 and very unwell but hoping all the sleep will fight off this mystery infection #poorly #febrileconvulsion #febrileseizure #12monthsold

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Comment from Mama & Maddie:

2 0 1 8 ✨ I hope everyone had a better end to 2017 than us - we had to call 999 yesterday after Maddie suddenly turned completely stiff and became unconscious. It was the most terrifying thing we’ve ever experienced and thankfully she came back round after a few minutes and all is fine. The doctors told us she had a febrile convulsion, a harmless seizure caused by a sudden spike in temperature. I will write a blog post later in the week about what happened - if I had known what was happening at the time then it would have been much less terrifying, and as 1 in 50 children will experience a febrile convulsion by the time they are 5, the more awareness of them the better. Maddie was kept in hospital overnight (what a way to spend NYE!) and they ran some tests just to rule anything else out, before confirming it was definitely just a febrile convulsion. We are home now and Maddie is sleeping. Although she’s poorly with a cough and still has a high temperature, we are just relieved and grateful that she is okay. Moments like this make you see clearly what’s really important in life, and what truly matters. I hope that 2018 brings health and happiness for you and your loved ones, as that is all you really need. Moving into this new year, my motto is going to be “don’t sweat the small stuff” - it’s really not worth the time or energy ❤️ . . . . . . #littlemaddie #14monthsold #hospital #nye2017 #newyear #nhs #grateful #health #happiness #children #childhood #toddlersofinstagram #poorlybubba #hospital #mumblog #mummyblog #mumblogger #instamum #instababy #febrileconvulsion #febrileseizure #parenthood #dontsweatthesmallstuff

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• P O O R L Y • J U D E • It has been an emotional 2 days since my last post about Jude being sick! Our poorly little man had a tempurate of 39.7°C after his nap on Wednesday! Whilst on the way to his doctors for an emergency appointment he had a Febrile Convulsion...this was the SCARIEST thing that has ever happened to me, Jude appeared to have stopped breathing and looked as if he had died, luckily the emergency services were able to help and took us in an ambulance to hospital. Jude has a viral infection that has bought a rash out all over his body, he's hardly sleeping and is trying his best to be his usual happy playful self but is very sad and wants lots of cuddles and boobie milk! ANY PARENTS READING THIS...please look up FEBRILE CONVULSIONS online to know what to do if your child has one, they are a type of seizure and are quite common in children aged between 18 months to 6 years old...them being common doesn't make them any less scary, I really thought Jude was dying in my arms, horrific! Please educate yourself on these types of seizures and ALWAYS phone an ambulance if your child has one and note down what time it began. Xxx

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Comment from The Dad's Edition:

This time last week we weren’t having a peaceful Sunday.... A repost from my amazingly strong wife, smart, @temitippytopes who saved our child from something awful. —————————————- #Repost @temitippytopes I’m normally a private person and I only post what I want people to see.... This isn’t a topic that any parent WANTS to experience let alone share, when their child has had a near death experience. But I’m sharing to highlight that everybody, but parents in particular, NEED to learn how to save someone when they are choking, can’t breath or having a seizure etc. I thank GOD with every fibre of my being that I didn’t panic and was able to clear her air passage with cpr and save my baby before the ambulance arrived as she started turning blue & lifeless after choking. I acted literally as her life depended on it. And then having to act fast again, when she started having convulsions & breathlessness later the same evening after already returning home from the hospital. It was horrible, and the outcome could have been unthinkable. But by the grace of GOD, Israel is going to be fine. • Step 1- identify what’s wrong • Step 2 - perform the required procedure (swipe for pictorials) • Step 3-call 999 for an ambulance (Don’t waste your time or your child’s life with 111) • Step 4- try and stay calm but be vigilant & remember all the details to tell the medical professionals Watch YouTube videos, go online, find your nearest first aid training provider - Do Something! #FirstAidTraining #EducateYourself #InfantCPR #BabyFirstAid #BabyChoking #BabySeizures #babyresuscitation #FebrileConvulsion

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Comment from Little Pickle's Mom:

What a few days it has been. This little monkey gave us quite a fright - a febrile convulsion on Wednesday morning. The scariest five minutes of my parenting life to date. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. It was absolutely terrifying. The last few days has been a blur of temperature checking, Calpol-syringing, ambulance trips, GP appointments, snuggles and an overnight stay on the children's ward. They still don't know what caused the fever in the first place, BUT, I think we're over the worst. My little boy woke up this morning with a smile on his face and a normal temperature. And right now, I honestly couldn't ask for anything more. My beautiful boy. You are so very very loved.

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Our next first aid course is running on the 4th December 7-8pm West Derby Millennium Centre. I'm on a mission to train as many people as possible - it's so important that we all know what to do in an emergency - for £15 come and learn the essentials and know how to keep your little ones - and bigger ones safe x @st_john_ambulance @liverpoolmums @liverpoolwomens @netmums @mumsnet #firstaid #baby #children #toddler #cpr #cprtraining #recoveryposition #febrileseizure #febrileconvulsion #meningitis #sepsis #bethedifference #learnfirstaid #firstaidforlife #knowledgeiskey

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Comment from mirandaemilyrose:

So this post is quite hard to do... I haven't posted recently because Poppy & I have been staying in hospital. 3 days ago Poppy had a Febrile Convulsion. Her temperature spiked to 40, she went limp, her eyes were rolling in her head and she wasn't responding to me. A paramedic was sent, who then requested an ambulance. We were rushed to hospital and were seen very quickly. We were admitted and it just made the whole situation feel so real. We were told she had Pneumonia, due to a chest infection going undiagnosed by our doctor for too long. She had an IV Drip, very strong anti biotics and pain killers. Seeing her lie there, the most innocent little thing in the world. I felt completely helpless. It was the scariest moment of my life. Now the worst is over and we're home I've been able to think about what happened and I've realised that the whole situation has really effected me. I thought I was going to loose her... She is doing so well but I feel completely emotionless and empty. Any other mums that have gone through this can you please get in touch and tell me how you got through this scary ordeal. #febrileconvulsion #seizure #febrileseizure #parenting #parentadvice #down #depressed #hospital #pneumonia #help #brave #toddler #bravegirl #inspirational #strong #iloveher

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Oh the joys of Winter with kids... noses like taps... coughs that keep you up all night worrying at the slightest splutter, temperatures that have you panicking a seizures on the way 🙈 not to be dramatic or anything... praying we never have to go through anything like with Margot I’m not sure my heart could take it again. It was around this time two years ago Vivienne had her first... so common yet I’d never heard of them... the dreaded febrile seizure. If you haven’t heard of it either it’s worth googling just to be aware ❤️❤️❤️

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On Monday 30th Oct we will be holding another first aid event run by St John Ambulance - this course always gets amazing reviews and is suitable for anyone who has children, babies, toddlers, newborns - even just as a general refresher course. It covers choking - babies and children, CPR, recovery position for babies, children and adults, febrile convulsions, meningitis and any other bits Jen can cram into the session. It's fully interactive and tea, coffee and biscuits are free! Course costs £15 for the hour - let me know if you'd like to book on! Please also tag any friends who may have little ones -I'd love to reach as many people in our local community as possible 😍 #bethedifference #firstaid #choking #cpr #cprtraining #febrileconvulsion #meningitis #sepsis #knowledgeiskey #firstaidkit #baby #children #education #joinus #placesavailable #training #wouldyouknowwhattodo @st_john_ambulance @beautiful_new_beginning

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Comment from Jaz T.:

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NO WORDS 😭 | 25.09.17 a day where i was filled with guilt, sadness and remorse. Haley woke up with high fever, we rush to the emergency but she had febrile convulsion on the way😭 . Febrile convulsions are not harmful for children and do not cause brain damage but it was the most scaries and upsetting for me (as a mum) to see my sweet bubba in this state. I know I shouldn't be feeling guilty but every parents do feel abit of guilt when they see their bubs sick. . Haley is doing much better and fever is gone. Even she was sick, she didn't lose any of her cheekiness and was the one comforting me and making me laugh while we spend the night at the hospital. Love you my boo❤️ . Follow us on our blog (link in bio) . . . #mumslife #parenthood #parenthoodblogger #parenthoodjourney #toddlersick #febrileconvulsion #onenightinhospital #parenting #storytime

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