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Comment from Wild & Tonic Apparel:

Our online store is currently offline as we are adding our range of Gym & Fitness Apparel. As of 19.30pm Adelaide, South Australia time on the 25th of March we will be launching. We will have a range of shirts, tanks, pants, trackies, hats & beanies, drinkware, towels, gym bags and much much more all 20% off. . . . . . . #abs #aesthetics #beastmode #bodybuilding #cardio #fitgirl #fitlife #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #gainz #glutes #gym #gymlife #instafit #legs #lift #muscle #physique #ripped #shredded #sixpack #squats #training #myprotein #fuelyourambition #protein #fitfam #dieting

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Comment from Zoe Atkinson:

It's the weekend 🎉 take time to be yourself this weekend, whether that will be taking a first step into doing something you have always wanted to do, doing something you are super passionate about or even spending time with your loved ones! Whatever it is really take time to be yourself and treasure and enjoy every second. We can get a little bogged down in social media from time to time, we all do it, whether it be someone with an amazing body, someone with your dream job or dream lifestyle, it can leave you thinking you may not be worthy or you will never be able to do it!! Self love is one of the biggest thing we all need to learn, you are worthy and beautiful and you can do anything you set your mind to. Believe in yourself!!! ♥ . . . . . . . . . #lifequotes #selflove #selflovequotes #beautiful #fitness #fitfam #fit #fitspo #fitsporate #love #instadaily #igers #photooftheday #happy #strongnotskinny #strong #motivation #inspiration

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Comment from Vanessa Anoé:

Punta sempre più in alto 🌟

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Comment from M.Ed Kinesiology:

Calorie: the amount of energy required to heat 1g of water from 14.5 to 15.5 degrees Celsius. Don’t make it complicated. Energy in vs. energy out. #physics #chemistry #bioenergetics #kinesiology #Repost @dr.eddiejo ・・・ The seemingly endless debate on low carb vs low fat caloric restriction diets in the context of weight loss is, in my opinion, fueled by 1. mixed anecdotal claims and arguments, 2. psuedoscience, and 3. mixed emprical evidence. As for the latter, key design and methodological limitations such as small sample sizes, heterogenous subject pools, relatively short term treatment periods, or poorly monitored free-living protocols introduce issues that may certainly confound the interpretation of the data and leave us with no real emprical consensus on the topic. Keep in mind however these limitations are quite understandable given the logistics that go into conducting these types of dietary intervention studies. Recently, one of the most comprehensive studies examining this debate was published in JAMA. This study assessed and compared weight loss, RMR, and other measurements in 609 overweight participants undergoing a lower carb or lower fat caloric restriction diet across a whole year. The retention rate for this study was one of the best I've seen in studies of this size and magnitude. The caloric intake was equivalent between the two groups at 3-month time points and results showed that after a year there were no significant differences in total weight loss, body fat %, or RMR suppression between the two diet interventions. These findings suggest, with decently strong evidence, that caloric deficit via caloric restriction is the main iver of weight loss in overweight individuals. It is my opinion that skewing macronutrient composition, at least for dietary carbohyate and fat, is more practically relevant and perhaps impactful for those already with "healthy" body weight or body composition who are looking to cut a bit more body fat. Next up: are there genetic predispositions to specific diet responsiveness?

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