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Comment from Awake, O sleeper:

Dug deep today. There’s a drag on hill I hit after running over 2KMs during my run. It has always beaten me and I’ve stopped and walked to the top before continuing my run. Today. It didn’t beat me. I beat it. It killed, it sucked, my lungs were screaming but if you don’t go quitting you’ll only end up winning. Finished the run with a smile on my face. Pushing on only produces success; keep on pushing fam! *smashed my 5K record* water weight dropping now it’s time to add some muscle while maximising strength levels and splits baby!!!!! #eatclean #health #healthy #fitfood #fit #fitness #nutrition #healthyeating #fitspo #trainhard #noexcuses #getfit #outdoors #eatclean #beastmode #runners #nopainnogain #gym #fitfam #fitlife #sweat #getstrong #love #getoutside #running #strength #fitnessmotivation #lifestyle #trainhard #goalsetting

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Comment from Giosi:

RIGHT -- Flexing LEFT - Not flexing/full day of eating bloat I know I see all these girls posing and sometimes it's hard to sit back and remember that they are, indeed, posing. No, I don't look super thin all day long. I get a bloated belly like any other person. And I think it's best to embrace that. I know I'm feeding my body the proper nutrition and kicking my ass in the gym. Why get so down about some bloat that'll be gone tomorrow? . . . . #fit #fitnation #fitgirl #lifting #weights #fitnessgirl #fitness #fitnessmotivation #workout #heavylifting #cute #sweat #fitmotivation #fitforlife #fitnesstips #fitnessvideo #fitnesspicture #weightlifting #fitspo #fitnessinspo #fitfam #bloatedbelly #transformation #transformationtuesday

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Comment from Empowered Clubhouse:

Empowered doesn't, do you?! • BoxHIIT in the Park tonight, 7:30pm, Terra 28th here in BGC. I'd tell you it's free, because it is, but maybe this is your rest day or maybe you have another reason (or excuse?!) why not to join. • The choice is yours. It's always yours. We're just here to help you make the better choice and to throw you some positive vibes and support along the way. Hope you join us.

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Comment from Katie Scarlett Lolas:

Meal prepping doesn’t have to be time consuming or expensive. Here are some tips that might help your process: 1️⃣ During the week, keep your eyes peeled for what’s on sale to inspire your preps . 2️⃣Choose recipes that are simple and that you’re familiar with - if you find a recipe that has 3938478492 ingredients that you don’t have at home and you’ve never used before, maybe don’t use it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE experimenting with new recipes, but I tend to choose quick, simple recipes for my prep that I’m confident making because I don’t want to waste good food and create something for an entire week that I wont like. However, I love trying out new dinner ideas and once I perfect a recipe I’m always happy add it into my lunch prep rotation. 3️⃣Create a shopping list to keep you focused and help you save money. I always find that I spend much more and end up buying items I don’t really need when I don’t have a list 😅 - who feels me? . This week’s meal prep includes: . 💛BREAKFAST - coconut vanilla berry overnight oats. . 💙MORNING SNACK - homemade chocolate chia seed pudding and a banana. It’s healthy, delicious and SO easy to make. I’ll have the recipe up on my blog in a few hours for you 😘. . 💜LUNCH - tuna, egg, baby spinach, tomato and capsicum salad. I’ll add a light drizzle of balsamic glaze just before I eat it each day. . 💚AFTERNOON SNACK - @bounce_aus coconut macadamia and peanut flavours 🙌. . ❤️DINNER - not pictured. . 💖Use hashtag #LLmealprep (Lady Lolas Meal Prep) when you post your prep or use one of my recipes so I can share your creations on my story 😍❤️ xo . Containers by @mealprepaustralia 🙌

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Not bad for 28 degree heat!

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