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ZERO TO ONE . Notes on startups, or How to Build the Future. Peter Thiel with Blake Masters. Thanks to Secret Santa 🎅!!! Від НУЛЯ ДО ОДИНИЦІ. Нотатки про стартапи, або Як створити майбутнє . Пітер Тіль за участю Блейка Мастерса Коли ранок починається не тільки з кави. Дякую Тобі, таємний Санто! Дякую Молодь Змінить Україну! #zerotoone #peterthiel #startups #future #майбутнє #мзу #молодьзмінитьукраїну #secretsanta

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Don't care about yesterday And Care about your #futURE

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So, BROCKHAMPTON the Internets greatest boyband/rap collective have once again released another fantastic album and honestly I might be talking crazy here but I think it's also their best album to date. I say this for a couple of reasons that I'll list now. —————————————————————————————— 1. The production is absolutely fantastic and its easily the best sound they've used so far. Everything from the incredibly funky and noise filled 'BOOGIE' and the really off the wall song 'ZIPPER' which sounds like something you would hear being played at a carnival. And then you have other things on here that are completely different such as the song 'JOHNNY' which sounds like a tomppabeats instrumental which is heavily jazzed up and very relaxing and one last song I wanna mention... well it's actually 2 but they have similar sounds to them which is. 'EVANIE and BLEACH' which are both clearly heavily inspired by guitar ballads. —————————————————————————————— 2. The lyrical content on this album is actually really impressive with each and every member stepping up to the plate and delivering some very dope bars. Everyone from the mostly outshined 'Merlyn,' and 'Matt Champion,' to people such as 'Ameer' who usually rap about the same things but are fan favorites. And I must say each of these guys really step up and deliver something different this time around. Especially ameer and Matt. Ameer this time around tells you more about his actual life outside of selling drugs which is nice for a change. While Matt champion who usually isn't very good lyrically, fucking kills it on here. —————————————————————————————— Those two things lead me to believe that this is easily the groups best effort to this date and I have total faith in them that they can top it. And that's why I'm giving this album a. 10/10 I'm definitely anticipating their 4th album coming in 2018 titled 'TEAM EFFORT' —————————————————————————————— Favorite Tracks: JOHNNY, BLEACH, SISTER/NATION, LIQUID, ALASKA, STAINS, RENTAL, BOOGIE, TEAM, & ZIPPER. —————————————————————————————— Tracks I Didn't Like: N/A EDIT: YA KNOW WHAT BOY THIS A 10/10 FUCK IT GANG GANG.

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