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Comment from Ikaika Perreira:

Work hard. Play hard. Never go hungry.

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Comment from D R E🐻🍫:

9:42 BUST✊🏽💦

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Comment from Travis Lee 🤙🏼:

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Comment from Jonatha and Giovanni:

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Comment from JN + NM:

Distance sucks. And when you add timezone difference in the equation — it’s the worst. But when you love the person so much, you start to think less of the hardships that ldr brings. You focus on making your plans together a reality. You hold onto the promise that one day, you will be together again, and that one day, there will no longer be goodbyes, but only goodnights. 💫

4 Minutes ago

Comment from Cristian Ramos Tovar:

This shall forever be my favorite photo of us. :)

11 Hours ago