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#Sociology post : Increasingly disturbing is an Instagram and irl trend of many using the guise of #girlpower to encourage #girls and #women to call themselves #sluts #whores #lolitas #bitches and #bimbos (and to change themselves to look as such) in a warped effort at boasting sexual freedom and at owning and reappropriating these belittling terms. I'm certainly no prude and think women should be very free to express themselves sexually, but I also firmly believe women will only be truly free as a whole when we are not subject so often to economic or even physical enslavement, when we are rewarded more -or at least as much!- for our talents outside the bedroom, not just those within, so to speak. I am tired of seeing bright, lovely, otherwise interesting young women feel they need to masturbate and fellate their fingers in my feed for followers, complaining they can't do even more than that because of the rules. If I want to see vagina, I'll go to Pornhub. Otherwise, here's some #empowerment : #education #college #collegelife #collegeresources #scholarship #coursework #math #science #writing #brainpower #feminism #feminist #womensmarch #saveher

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"One person's happiness is not another person's happiness. You can't find it for someone else. There's no rule book." ✨ Wise words by @katehudson

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Oooh mushroom pizza how I love thee!

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Picnik Barcelona. Obsessed

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