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Boka företagsevent, aktiviteter, kick off eller teambuilding i Malmö. På Race House har vi utmanande aktiviteter som utvecklar företaget. Boka idag! ⠀ ⠀ Tel: 040 - 18 27 00⠀ info

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ARE YOU READY FOR A BRAND NEW SEASON? ROUND 1, KRD RACE DAY THIS SUNDAY! Come and join our annual championship series. Get yourself qualified for the grand prizes with participation of AT LEAST 5 CONSECUTIVE ROUNDS. This is the chance for you to collect your points and win overall championship. Take Note: Registration is early this season 8am-9am. We will start qualifying by 9.30am. KRD ROUND 1, 2018 Time : 8-9am( Registration ) Date : 25th February 2018 Location : City Karting (Shah Alam) International Kart Circuit There are few categories, for newbies we encourage you to try on 80cc for the first few rounds but if you already have any experience with 80cc, you may jump into a different category, the 100cc by Initial Karting Competizione We have added HEAVYWEIGHT FOR 80CC category (70kg and above) permanently this season. Kids (below 12 years old) can also register under CADET 80CC. Racing Fees are as listed below. Categories : 80cc - RM 175 (rental karts) 80cc Heavyweight - RM 210 (rental karts) 80cc Cadet - RM210 (rental karts) 100cc Yamaha - RM 280 (rental karts), visit page IKC 110cc Modenas - RM 230 ( private karts), Micromax - RM 230 (private karts) 125cc Junior - RM 230 (private karts) 125cc Senior - RM 230 (private karts) 125cc Open - RM 230 (private karts) How To Register & Participate? Just come with your cash payment, register and you are in! Wear appropriate attire ( Shoes is a must, and better with your racing suit if you have one ). Please be early. We will have our briefing after registration. Can't wait to see you guys THIS SUNDAY! Be safe and have a great weekend! Co-Partner: Initial Karting Competizione Supported by: Foundations of Motorsport #StillRacingIt #KartRacingDevelopment #AmatuerKarting #MotorsportsMalaysia

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23 февраля уже завтра, а Вы еще не придумали, что подарить любимым мужчинам, близким друзьям или коллегам?🙆 Не беда! В качестве подарка, Вы можете презентовать сертификат в картинг-клуб на 1,3 или 5 заездов. 🎁 Заряд энергии и яркие эмоции гарантированы!👍 Обратите внимание, что данные сертификаты есть как для детей, так и для взрослых!☝ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~⠀⠀ Наши контакты:  8 (499) 450-28-87 Сайт: VK: Адрес: г. Мытищи, улица Мира, д, 51, ТРЦ «ИЮНЬ» ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #картинг #подарочныйсертификат #картингклуб #motorsport #соревнования #гонки #raceplace #gokart #karting  #здесьживутгонки #картодром #адреналин  #школакартинга #cars #drift #unlim500 #картингмосква  #race #racing #скорость #мытищи #tuning #racingclub  #автогонки #23февраля #подарокмужу #подарок #подарокдетям #сертификат

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2017 CIK-FIA Best-Of: Leon Köhler’s fantastic year : CIKFIA⠀ ⠀ At the age of 18, Bavarian Leon Köhler was internationally acclaimed this season after winning the CIK-FIA European KZ2 Championship. Well supported by Ralf Schumacher and all of the KSM Schumacher Racing Team, the young German quickly adapted to the various conditions of the Competition. He finally won thanks to great consistency against the best specialists to give Germany its first European Karting title for more than 10 years.⠀ ⠀ Leon, can you introduce yourself?⠀ - I am passionate about motor sports and technology. I am continuing to study so I can combine my passion and my professional life. I discovered karting very young thanks to my father who took me to a circuit near our home. I got in a kart for the first time at seven years old. But it's only been four years since I started racing in major races. I like the gearbox kart a lot and in KZ2 I have been able to give my best.⠀ ⠀ What happened during this great year?⠀ - I had the opportunity to move to International Competition after rather encouraging results in Germany last year. I have to say that I could not have succeeded without the support of Ralf Schumacher. He provided me with all the essential advice to quickly find my level. The Tony Kart / Vortex from the KSM Schumacher Racing Team that I drove this year was at the top.⠀ ⠀ Were you surprised to win the European Championship?⠀ - It was more a great joy than a real surprise for me. Not that I was sure of winning in advance, but the first race at Genk (BEL) immediately gave me confidence. I started with pole position and then I held 1st place in the Qualifying Heats. It was then magical to get on the podium. I was not sure if I could be at Le Mans (FRA) because of my studies, but luckily everything worked out in this respect and I was able to score points in 4th place. At Kristianstad (SWE), the grip conditions were a little crazy in the Final, but I managed well despite a penalty. Most of my opponents did not have this chance!⠀ © Photo CIK/KSP⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ cik #cikfia #fia #kspreportages #karting #gokart #igers

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#repost @kbr_kart [PENTING] Efektif mulai seri berikutnya di Revo Town, Bekasi pada tanggal 4 Maret 2018, kejuaraan KBR Kart Cup Series 2018 Supported by Sahabat Rio akan menerapkan peraturan pengibaran bendera atau flag marshalling. Kami akan menempatkan beberapa flag marshal di bagian-bagian track tertentu yang akan bertugas mengibarkan bendera-bendera yang memiliki arti sesuai dengan warnanya masing-masing. Seluruh pembalap wajib mematuhi peraturan bendera ini untuk menghindari penalty atau bahkan diskualifikasi. Untuk arti dari masing-masing warna bendera lengkap dengan apa yang harus anda lakukan disaat bendera tersebut dikibarkan bisa dilihat di postingan ini. Harap dibaca baik-baik dan dimengerti ya guys! 😊 #kbrkartcup #sahabatrio #teamrh88 #karting #championship #minichampionship #lamtoro #lamtorokarting #lamtorogokart #gokart #funrace

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Extremely exciting and a must have experience when you visit Tokyo Japan. Just imagine yourself on a custom made go kart specifically tailored to realize the Real Life SuperHero Go-Karting experience! Dress up in your favorite character costume, playing the music of your choice and driving through the city of Tokyo. All eyes on you guarantee! You can ride with a group or ride privately, MariCAR is fully equipped to make your experience a very important one. #travel #travelgoals #traveguide #traveltips #japan #日本 #tokyo #東京 #mario #mariokart #kart #gokart #MariCar #odaiba #awesome #experience #fun #love #famous #best #race #car #mustsee #superhero #costume #ride #musttry

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