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Comment from London Mudlark:

Decorated clay pipe, exactly where I found it on the Thames foreshore close to the Trafalgar in Greenwich, which was once famous for its whitebait suppers. Today, whitebait are distinguished as the fry of herring and sprat, but in the 19th century it was a catchall phrase for all fish fry. They were served at whitebait suppers, which became fashionable around mid 1850s and continued to until 1883 when there were no longer any whitebait left in the river. The Brunswick Hotel at Blackwall and the Trafalgar at Greenwich were particularly famous for their whitebait suppers. Wealthy and famous customers, politicians and even royalty took specially commissioned boats down river to visit these waterside establishments, where they ate whitebait cooked within hours of being caught. The Brunswick was demolished in 1930, but the Trafalgar still serves whitebait by the river, cooked in the traditional way – tossed in flour, fried whole, sprinkled with paprika and served with bread and a wedge of fresh lemon. A plate of whitebait, the perfect way to end a long afternoon on the foreshore and perhaps enjoyed along with this pipe by a gentleman of substance 150 years ago.

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Comment from Life after Cancer:

We’re extremely excited to announce that we’re starting a monthly support group in Greenwich on 5/April. ⠀ ⠀ The group will be facilitated by Asma, she is an Education Consultant & Coach. Her husband was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma in November 2016.⠀ ⠀ It will hold a similar structure to our Walthamstow group. If you’ve experience cancer & you live in South East London, please do come along. We’d really love to see you there. Feel free to bring your partner, family or a friend. The space is free, we ask that you reserve your space using the link in the bio.

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Comment from Takashi:

2016年 夏頃 三ヶ月の #ヨーロッパ周遊 #一人旅 Part⑦. . . . . 映画 #レミゼラブル#ロケ地 #旧王立海軍大学 「戦う者の歌が聴こえるか~♪」って曲の名シーンの場所 #ゴーストバスターズ#コスプレ してる人がいた。 #博物館 も巡った。思いっきり #日本製#傘ぽん が置いてありました。w からの、 #グリニッジ天文台 #世界標準時 を示す時計 なんでもかんでも #royal . . . . . . #海外旅行 #一人旅 #lesmiserables #oldroyalnavalcollege #museum #musical #ghostbusters #japanese #royalobservatory #greenwich #イギリス #ロンドン

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Looking downstream.

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Comment from Craft Work:

Our kaleidoscope craft last night was a huge success! Over 60 people came and crafted with us under the ceiling of the Painted Hall at @oldroyalnavalcollege. There was so much to do and see... if you missed it you can still see the restoration in progress on one of their regular tours.

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