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Started filming for my FIRST YOUTUBE VIDEO that I’m really excited about. However my boyfriend called me in the middle of filming so it cut off so I’m going to finish it tomorrow before work and try to have it up ASAP! • • • • • #tattooed #tattoos #vegan #vegansofig #smoothie #youngvegan #smoothies #tattooedvegan #veganyoutuber #fitlife #veganfoodshare #veg #vegangirl #veganlifestyle #youtube #delicious #hclf #hclfvegan #veganlife #superfood #happiness #fitness #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #veganweightloss #happygirl #veganoatmeal #fitfoods #cleaneats

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Christmas shopping is DONE, wrapping is DONE and relax...

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Comment from Nicky van der Sluis:

I have something I want to share but it might not please everybody.. Lately I have been seeing this ‘trend’ on Instagram of rearing and bucking horses, running around etc. With owners that seem to be really happy with that behaviour. That concerns me a bit.. because that behaviour is not at all always ‘play’. Today i had a clear example with Witko. I don’t care about his ears etc.. this is not play and it has nothing to do with him feeling awesome. Yes he is a very playful horse, but this rear I got today was the result on a lot of insecurities. We haven’t been playing for months and we started again yesterday. Besides being playful, he is also spooky and when suddenly a kid climbed into the arena, he lost it. Rearing, bucking, tail up etc. There is no way on earth I would reinforce that.. ever. Yes I want my horse to feel awesome.. but most of all I want them to feel safe and comfortable. Because those things are the most important things for them. Yes I want them to have a voice and an opinion, but I also want to help them feel comfortable. So please have a close look at your horse before you reinforce certain behaviour.. and please be carefull with yourself too! It’s all fun and games until you get a hoof in your face... Sorry about this whole thing.. I just needed to write it down..

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Zeit zum Meditieren 🧘‍♀️ 💙 und weil es so kalt ist, gibt es jetzt ein sonniges Standbild 🏖 🏝 für Euch 💛 ich Weiß, es ist noch früh, aber habt ihr euch schon Gedanken über euren nächsten Sommerurlaub gemacht??? ☀️

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