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Comment from i_lovebullterrier:

🐾💜🐾💜 Good evening from our adoptable April! This 3 year old, 45 lb beauty is looking for a home for the holidays! She is spunky, sweet & needs to be an only pet. She loves car rides & just wants to be your companion. If this gorgeous gal is for you apply to adopt online today! 🐾💜🐾💜 • • 👉🏼 👈🏼 • • #englishbullterrier #bullterrier #bullterrierinstagram #bullterrierlove #rescuedog #dogstagram #bullie #bullterriersofinstagram #dog #dogsofinstagram #bullterrierstyle #doglovers #ilovebullterriers #bullystrong #bulliestrong #btrss #bullterrierrescuesunshinestate #bullterriers #bullterrierrescue #dogsofflorida #adoptdontshop #bullterrierfloridarescue #fosteringsaveslives #adoptabull #adoptabulls #teamBTRSS #happytails

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Comment from Love & Second Chances:

Decorations are going up and Finn is helping out in his own way. Can anyone see what’s wrong with this picture? 😂🎄🎅🏻

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Comment from Pacific Pug Rescue:

This #HappyTails update is on 7 year old Buster who came to us in November. He had been relegated to the outdoors after not enjoying being around the kids in the home. No more days outside for Buster! His new dad tells us: Buster seems to be doing great. I found out today that he really like to jump in we had a bath tonight and that went really well :) He has been getting along really well with Churchill, and completely adapted to his homemade diet. He gets very excited to get his harness on and go walking and he enjoys doing pug runs around the house with Churchill in tow. His favorite place is on my lap, and he loves sleeping on the bed at night. By morning, he is usually sharing the pillow, or resting his head on my head. He is a happy pug! And I am so happy to provide him a loving forever home. He is pampered and the only time he goes outside is on a leash...he is enjoying life INSIDE :) It is sad...he seems so much older than Churchie and they are only 3 months apart (to the day)...his first 6 years were tough. Sometimes I hold him in my lap and remind him that he is loved, and staying with me forever. I think he understands. -*-*-*-*-*- We're on track to rescue 100+ pugs again this year, and we can only do this work because of people like you care about what happens to a pug they may never meet. Please consider donating to Pacific Pug Rescue this holiday season so we can continue to rescue pugs in need! Click the link in our bio to donate! #buster #churchill #thankyou #supportyourlocalrescue #animalrescue #adoptdontshop #pugrescue #portland #pnw #pdx #giving #holidaygiving #pugs #ppralumni #pacificpugs #brindlepug

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Comment from Elsa:

That’s it, I declare today a #snowday ❄️ ⛄️! Where are my booties?! 👢

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Comment from Bushwick Street Cats:

Stand up and take a bow, Vera. You got adopted today! Exactly two weeks ago we trapped her while trying to get another cat. We had her eartipped and expected to release her. But her persistent meows helped us realize she was a super sweet girl who was never meant to live in an alley. #happytails #adopted #kittensofbushwick

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Comment from Dee Dee Colburn:

Why can't you just hand me the treats?

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