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Comment from Fran:

15 Minutes ago

_ 💙اطلق عروس شافته عيني☹️💜 _ #hazel

20 Minutes ago

Comment from Jason E. Arana:

Put your phone down, and go talk to a stranger.

27 Minutes ago


Last Wednesday after I went to see @skye__lewis for my balayage touch up! 💚 My extensions are from @myfantasyhair (use code kristina for 5% off any order) 💋 Hope everyone is having an amazing Wednesday! 🐪

33 Minutes ago

Comment from Emma Atkins:

Spent the day learning how to coppice trees with @cityoftreesmcr and an amazing woman called Twiggy (yes her her real name) at an event with @forestrycommeng ! If you cut back trees like this hazel they grow to a good size again after 7 years. This traditional livelihood is an example of sustainable woodland management as it keeps trees healthy as well as the woodland in which they reside, and the dead-straight wood can be made into loads of useful products. #bury #trees #coppice #woodland #hazel

47 Minutes ago

Comment from Snowkristall Temari:

A very special temari for a very special person ❤️❤️❤️

53 Minutes ago