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Comment from Audra Phelps:

Do you suffer from a skin condition that you have not been able to clear up? Acne, eczema, psoriasis, or just dry itchy skin? Guess what - the problem may lie in the gut - those little bacteria that support the immune system, prevent auto-immune conditions and allergies and balance hormones. This is a great testimonial on what gut health can do for your skin! No more harsh meds or skin peels - just natural healing of the root cause. This is from a friend who shared about how her daughter’s skin improved when she started taking gut health supplements. The photos show day one, week 2 and month two. She says that she has been sleeping better and has lost her cravings for salt and sugar and is so happy that it's improving! I hope this gives you hope and inspires you to share this with someone who is struggling with similar skin conditions. We know it's linked to hormones, stress, and inflammation! It's not something we have to just 'deal' with or treat with harsh drugs and chemicals. There is another way. #guthealth #acne #skincare #skin #healthy #healing #rootcause #healthyfromtheinside #nomoremeds #natural #plantbased

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Comment from Bhadra Ma Prem:

Such a pleasure to sing and dance with this beautiful sisters from Laboratorium Piesni 🦋 A spontaneous melting of shamanic intuitive sounds beautifully guided here in “The Sacred Pushkar Festival“ I am so amazed how the Divine Feminine is spreading & awakening so powerfully all around the globe...sisters coming together, sharing their gifts from the heart and lifting each other up! This is giving me so much hope & inspiration...together we are rising like the Phoenix from the ashes 🔥🌏❤️AHO❤️ #divinefeminine #awakeningwomen #sisterhood #healing #sacred #sacredfeminine #singing #sound #sharing #fromtheheart #laboratoriumpiesni #shamanicsoundhealing #shamanic #intuitive #yoga #meditation #spiritualwarrior

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Comment from Ocean Breeze:

I have brand new, beautiful colours and designs of wax wraps, all packed and ready for todays sale! Can't get enough of the blues. Which one is your favourite? :) . . . . . . . #meandthebeesknees #fortheloveofbees #noneofyourbeeswax #beeswax #essentialoils #hemp #quartz #crystal #vintage #teacups #handmade #homemade #madewithlove #aromatherapy #candles #beeswaxcandles #natural #flowers #bees #healing #relax #nostress #tealight #winnipeg #waxwrap #nomoreplastic #love #goodvibes #earthfriendly #sale

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Comment from Trudy Hekkert:

Vaak krijg ik te horen, je hebt zo'n mooie gave om mensen te helpen. Dan wordt er tegen me op gekeken, dat kan niet de bedoeling zijn. Zeker weten, ben ik dankbaar dat ik dit werk doe, maar dat maakt mij niet meer of minder dan de ander. Iedereen is gelijkwaardig . We hebben allemaal onze eigen gaven mee gekregen , de één is goed in zingen, de ander is goed in het ontwerpen of bouwen van huizen, weer een ander is goed in het verzorgen van interieurs. Alles is waardevol, het één doet niet onder voor het ander. Alles is nodig hier op aarde, we dragen allemaal ons eigen steentje bij. Het leven is geen wedstrijd. Iedereen heeft de eigen ziele opdracht, ieder mens is uniek op de eigen manier. Bewonder de ander, zonder te twijfelen aan jezelf. Wil je dit delen? Voel je welkom. Liefs Trudy Medium #spiritual #healing #bewustwording #spiritueel #coach #spiritualgrowth #spiritualawakening #angels #engelen #universum #licht #light #nijverdal #soul #ziel #lichtenergie #engelenenergie #facebook #Overijssel #teksten #inzichten #creative #creatie #creatief #spirit #teksten #quotes #quote #inspirationalquotes

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Comment from Vasiliki Benjamin:

OoOo Breakfast by the ocean 🙌🏻 any day, anytime IM IN. Making my 2018 travel wishlist ✨ I used to go yearsss without a vacation (ultimate burnout formula) Rest is required for our greatest potential. Rest for the mind, body + soul. Take a break from the hustle and bustle. Doesn’t have to be a 2 week trip to the Maldives (unless that’s your dream🙋🏼‍♀️😋) it could be a short weekend trip, or staying in your downtown hotel. Even a staycation! Stay at home with no phone, no work, no distractions. Just take time to unplug + appreciate this beautiful Life. Ask yourself if you were gone tomorrow, are you doing exactly what you want to do? Are you with the person who brings out the best in you? Have you made a positive difference in people’s lives? ☀️

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My body is teaching me a lesson in Strength right now by having fallen sick (nothing too bad, just too much Three of Cups shenanigans), and I’m forced to slow down and practise a bit of patience and self compassion as I take the time to rebalance and heal. The body’s good at that, letting us know when we are not being mindful and need to slow the pace - quite a difficult thing to do this season, but we must all the same. Because, you see, our bodies don’t know if we are burning the candle at both ends because of fun stuff or not so fun stuff. To our bodies it’s all the same: stress. So, we find the strength to set those boundaries where needed and look after ourselves - even if that means saying no to that social engagement or rush around the shops for gifts and holiday treats. When we give ourselves permission to be patient we know there’s nothing to really chase anyway - that was only ever FOMO talking and is not the truth, just anxiety coming from a shallow place. Real strength comes from that soft, deep and calm place within and rushes for no one. Nothing that is meant for us will pass us by, so we can relax right there. Let us all be extra kind to ourselves this holiday season, and find the strength for self-compassion and care. We do have the time for this no matter what anxiety tells us. Slow down and enjoy each moment before you end up like me with a tissue up your nose 🤧😄💖🌝

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Celebrating my intelligent and beautiful niece Stephanie’s graduation from nursing school. A BSN is her second degree. Nice to finally have someone with a medical background in the family. Stephanie, we will be calling on you! Johnny, our parents are smiling with pride. 🙏

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