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Comment from Sergio Solis:

3 Hours ago

Comment from Alejandra 🌹:

Kind of missing the warm weather but I’m also not ready for bikini season .... then again I never am. #imnotfatimfluffy

3 Hours ago

Comment from Coy Rushton:

3 Hours ago

Mommy, no photos please. I won’t look directly at the iPhone. Mommy is persistent, she finally caught me looking at her iPhone 📱. . . .

5 Hours ago

Comment from Cleo:

11 Hours ago

Comment from Samus💕:

My first day in snow 🐶❄️❄️❄️

12 Hours ago

Comment from Janeth☆:

Dec. 14,2017 Gotta say was the best day of this month I got to go to a Gabriel Iglesias(FLUFFY) Concert & I swear I laughed so hard I almost peed TMI right lol But Anyways I thanked him on here and He sent me a Picture saying have a Good Day I Was Freaking Out No Joke I wanted to Cry I’m so thankful I got the chance to see him Live he’s the greatest! #imnotfatimfluffy #Dec14💓 @fluffyguy

22 Hours ago

Comment from Elton the Frenchie:

1 Days ago

Comment from Annie 😽:

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Comment from Maureen Audrey:

Just waiting for the popped abcess to drain out all the way

124 Days ago

Comment from Maureen Audrey:

Everyone meet my 16 year old thoroughbred mare Pepsi! Reminds me so much of my old girl cass and couldn't be happier

125 Days ago