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Chapter 36: 2 minutes later the doorbell rings so I rush downstairs in excitement. I open it and see this very cute and tall handsome boy, with perfectly brushed brown hair and sparkly light brown eyes with a hint of green, and of course he had red cheeks. J: uhh.. y/n? Y/n: oh um sorry what? J: let’s go? Y/n: oh HI JACOB I give him a big hug J: hey babe 😂 We walk to school hand in hand. *skip to school* Once we get to the gates I look at him J: what’s wrong? He puts a strand of hair behind my ear. Y/n: what will people think about our relationship? J: it’ll be fine, I love you no matter what okay? I think for a second and smile Y/n: okay, I love you too I kiss him. ??: wtf? We pull away and he accidentally bites my lip Y/n: ouch J: sorry- ??: JACOB WTF J: WHAT DO YOU WANT LUNA L: I thought we were dating! Now you’re here kissing this bitch? J: SHES MY GIRLFRIEND L: SHES A SLUT! I gasp because I remember the time when Katrina called me a slut and Jacob didn’t say anything. I cry and run away. J: BABE! Fuck you Luna L: fuck you jacob. *jacobs pov* I chase after y/n but I lose her. J: hey max have u seen y/n? M: y/n, who? J: useless people I keep running until I see a group of girls. J: hey girls Girls: hi Jacob! 😍❤️ J: have you seen y/n anywhere? Girl #1: no but I’m here She bites her lip as she plays with the collar on my shirt. J: um i gotta go I pull away and run again, I bump into someone. —�—� 40 comments for more & I’ll post 5 chapters today🤤 #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobsartoriusfanfiction

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Chapter 35: Me and Jacob just spend the rest of the day cuddling while watching movies, we fall asleep. *next day* I wake up at 7:00 am, SHIT I quickly get up from the couch and shake Jacob Y/n: babe wake up we have school! He wakes up slowly J: UHHHH He covers his face with a pillow Y/n: cmon j I pull him until he falls onto the floor, I try so hard not to laugh Y/n: omg I’m so sorry.. 😂 J: owww baby😩 He says rubbing his leg Y/n: wait are you okay? I say worried J: that really hurt my leg ouch He says rubbing it more, I pull up the bottom of his pants and there’s a section of blue. Y/n: *gasp* omg I’m sorry I say hugging him, he hugs me back J: it’s okay... IMMA MANNNN He says flexing, I laugh and help him up. Y/n: aww I’m sorry I feel so bad J: don’t, it doesn’t even hurt😎 Y/n: well u weren’t saying that about a minute ago I tease him J: alright alright we’re gonna be late now 😂 Y/n: I have to go back home and get ready J: okay, I’ll pick u up when I’m ready okay? Love you He says as he kisses me Y/n: love you too I say as I leave back to my house. I go upstairs and get ready, I take a shower and wear denim ripped jeans with a black crop top jacket. I do my makeup and tie my hair in a high ponytail. I put on my black vans and take pictures of my outfit, I post it on my Instagram story. I then get a DM from Jacobsartorius. Dm* Jacob Sartorius: 😍😍😩💗💝 I’m coming now okay? Y/n: okkkk ❤️ *end of DM* #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobsartoriusfanfiction

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Chapter 34: I wake up with Jacob not in the bed, I stretch as I check my phone. Looks like I got a text from him. Text* J: good morninggg, come downstairs when you wake up okay? ❤️ I smile and put on one of Jacobs oversized t-shirts. I have short shorts on and head downstairs still half asleep. J: there’s my princess He comes up to me shirtless with his pyjama pants on and gives me a cuddle as he kisses me. Y/n: good morning sweet I kiss him back, I look behind him and see breakfast made for us both, my favourite bacon and eggs. Y/n: aww, you didn’t have to do that I hug him J: is that my shirt He laughs Y/n: sorry 😂 J: it’s okay you look cuteeee I smile as he leads me to the table and we start eating. *finish eating* We finish eating and I clean the dishes, Jacob comes behind me and wraps his arms around my waist. J: I love you He says randomly Y/n: I love you too He kisses my cheek and neck Y/n: Jacob stop He keeps kissing Y/n: ok ok stop now I push his head away and he laughs. —�—�—� sorry for being inactive, but I’m so happy for everyone that got to meet j today. #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobsartoriusfanfiction

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Y/n|| Y/n: Jacob.. ~ Jacob stops running and turns around to look at me. ~ Jacob: yes Y/n: please promise me that you won't cheat on me Jacob: I promise ~ The both of us were soaking wet. But I didn't care. Jacob plants a kiss on my lips. I smile into the kiss. I never thought I would get kissed while it was raining. - The both of us ran back to me house hand in hand. ~a week later~ Jacob kept his promise so far. The both of us found out Veronica moved to Washington for a few months which was good. I was really tired of her bullshit. Mark was still lonely and Jacob is currently hanging out with him. But i didn't mind. I was by myself. I needed to think. I woke up grumpy for reason. I soon hear a knock at the door making me stop thinking. ~ Y/n: come in Blake: hey Y/n: hey Blake: I heard your back with Jacob ~ #jacobsartoriusfanfiction #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobfanfic #sartoriuslove #sartoriusfanfic #jacobsartorius #jacobssesed I hate how Jacob and Millie are on the news and the reporters saying they are dating like I highly doubt they would date but there's just so many rumors like stop.

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Chapter 2 -After school Jacob's pov It's time to make some moves,I saw Y/n near the field sitting under a tree reading a I decided to walk up to her I look back and saw my friends looking at me. I sat beside her and said J:Hey hottie Y:excuse me? J:Watcha readin? Y:Uhm..why do you care? J:Is it bad bc I care? *make a sad puppy face* Y:if it's one of your jokes it's not funny! *stands up and walk away* I sat there with a serious face while my friends walk up to me laughing Fi:dang!😂 Th:She's hard to get!😂 J:If I said that to some other girls here well probably have a date tonight Jo:oh please😂 I stood up and went in my car and went home. -end of pov- Y/n's POV Jacob talked to me wow...he's annoying I must admit..I went back home to pack my stuff and I called my mom's best friend. *call 📞 Y:uhm..Hi? Je:oh you must be Y/n Y:yeah I'm y/n Je:My name is Jen your aunt already told me and yes its okay if you stay here Y:uh.thank you ms. Je:when are moving here? Y:probably later 😅 Je:oh okay sure Y:Thank you very much Je:am I going to pick you up or your come here by yourself? Y:I'll just come there by myself ☺ Je:okay I'll text you the address 😊 see you later Y:bye. After I finish packing I checked my phone and it was 5:30pm I went downstairs to grab a snack Ac:you know Y/n I'll miss you Y:Same aunt Ac:I don't have a Spa buddy anymore 😔😂 Y:oh c'mon you'll find yourself a boyfriend there!😂 Ac:I hope 😂 are you finish packing? who's going to be here in your house? Ac:This is isn't mine the owner aka my old boss just wants me to take care of it Y:oh😂I've been living here for 3 months and I didn't knew that😂 Ac:when are you leaving? Y:around 7pm Ac:I'll drop you off Y:okay Thanks... I went back upstairs and clean my room. _____________________________________________ Comment "11" for more 😁✔ #Jacobsartoriusfanfiction #Jacobsartoriusfanfic #Jacobsartorius #jacobfanfic

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Hrvy: so i am invited to the wedding right?*laughs* Jacob: ofc dude!*bro hugs* Loren: you guys are young, but tbh I can even wait!*smiles* Me: ikr! Malu: does your parents know Jacob? Jacob: not yet*laughs* Me: they’ll know after tour though..*laughs* Jacob: yea so no worries *laughs* Me: i can’t wait *kisses jacob* Jacob: me either baby*hugs her tight* - We finally got to our hotel and stand by the bus and grab our bags. We walk with tony into the hotel. We get our room keys and he told us to get with a partner or a group of 4. I got with Jacob. - Loren: I’m with hrvy! Me: Im with Jacob! Malu: Im with Mark! Luna: I’m with Ariel! Blake: me and Zach are together*laughs* Tony: ok so everybody’s good? Everybody: yep! Tony: well then, go to your rooms! And no going out tonight! - Me and Jacob grab our bags and go to the elevator with Malu and Mark. We all headed up. Finally we got out and is two went to our room. I walk in and it was so pretty! There was one bed. Fine by me lol me and Jacob sleep together anyways lol. I put my suitcase and bag on the couch and we put all our stuff away. - •Next day• I wake up and change into *swipe* then do my makeup *swipe* Jacob went and changed. Today’s was show day. Jacob walks to me when I was putting my hair in space buns and left a few of my natural curls down. He hugs me and kisses my forehead. I smile then somebody knocks on the door, •I’m writing a lot of these at once😂 ily💓 #js #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobsartoriusfanfiction #jacobsartorius #jacobsartoriusedits #like4like #likeforlike #followforfollow #follow4follow

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You and Jacob quarreled so next day after school you went home with Milli , and you accidentally bumped into a stranger. Y/n: sorry S(stranger): oh nothing *You habitually touched your pendant (he got to you from mom)* Y/n: he disappeared M: who is disappeared Y/n: my pendant, that man stole him! M: omg *then I saw how Brandon ran for that man* After a few minutes I saw Brandon with a big smile on his face, and he coming up to me B: I guess it belongs to you Miss😏 Y/n: thanks Brandon *you kissed him on his cheek and he blushed* When he left, Milli looked at you with anger Y/n: what? you are jealous of him? M: what?! No! *she blushed*😳 Y/n: omg, you fell in love with him!!!😁 M: shhhh y/n! He can hear you! Y/n: omg I can’t believe, you fell in love with him!!!😁😁😁 M: y/n!!! Y/n: sorry M: I've been in love with him for a long time, and I cannot speak with him in any way Y/n: I can help you M: really??? Y/n: sure! M: thank you❤️ Y/n: always welcome ❤️ So what will happen next? Milli and Brandon will dated? Will you reconcile Jacob? #jacobsartorius #jacobfanpage #jacobfanfic #jacobfanfiction #jacobsartoriusfanfiction #jacobmybae #jacobmylove #jacobforever #ilysm❤ #ilybaby #futurewifejs😂

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Summer love Chapter 4 *the next day* Y/n's POV Today it was the day that we were going to explore the place and go to the woods me and jacob went to the place we were going to meet the others and the leader L:okay everybody we are going to explore the woods and see how is it..there are no teams..we decided that you're going to explore with your can go now thank you.. Me and jacob started walking to the woods..I was looking was beautiful Jacobs POV Me and y/n were walking I saw y/n she was looking was kinda boring tho..I wish I was back in my I could party and smash a girl...(bahahhaa😂) Y/n:Jacob look She pointed at a tree and I saw an owl Y/n:what's wrong?'s nothing let's just keep walking Y/n:but we already are far so let's start walking back J:okay sure We were walking back it got dark..we arrived to our room y/n fell asleep i guess I just went outside and sat on the stairs...ugh...I heard someone behind me it was y/n she sat besides me and looked at me Y/n:you don't like it here don't you? Y/n:what's wrong? J:it's just...i didn't want to come to this stupid camp I wanted to be in my hometown I was going to do the biggest party of all time... Y/n:oh..ok J:I throw party's every summer and everybody loves them... Y/n:it's only this year don't worry... She hugged me..she smelled nice and her skin was so soft...i hugged back Y/n:you can talk to me if you want least there was a good thing in this camp Y/n:aw- J:the free food Y/n:really? We started laughing ~ #jacobsartoriusfanfic #jacobsartoriusfanfiction

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