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Imagine: (Continued: Part two) You and Brad spent 2 days by yourselves, traveling to the beach and sleeping in the back of the van. It was only after those two wonderful days finished that James and Kirstie showed up. Now you sat on the van step with Kirstie staring down at both of your boys, wearing swim shorts and huge grins. You glance at Kirtie and gave her a joking grin before you stood and walk over to this gorgeously shirtless boy. "Come to get some of this, did You?" He asks giving you a smirk and posing to show off his muscles. "If I wanted a player I would have married number 11 in the football field," you raise an eyebrow at his cocky antics. He just grins and you kiss his cheek. You watch as kirstie grabs James' hand and they run off towards the water, making a mad dash into the waves. Brad takes your hand and kisses it, then he lets it fall in between you as you walk slowly towards the water where wild laughter erupts from James and Kirsties mouths. "I'm glad we got to do this," you start watching the horizon, "to go on holiday and for once just be a normal couple," you can see him watching you closely from the corner of your eye. "Do you wish that you had married someone normal?" He asks seriousness coming into his tone. You turn abruptly so you aren't distracted by what is out of your reach. "I only ever wanted to marry you. True, I never wanted the constant attention and the time apart but I'd have all that in a heart beat just so that I could be with You," you say it all in a rush because it couldn't be more true. He sighs and the expression of doubt vanishes and relief replaces it. "Plus, who ever wants normal? That's no fun," he laughs and picks you up throwing you over his shoulder. He makes a run for the water and you scream hitting at his back for him to put you down, even though in the back of your mind you never wanted him to let you go. "Brad!!" You squeal with laughter as the water sprays up from his footsteps and hits you on the back of the legs. He throws you into the water and the cold gives you a shock to all the senses. Everything stops for a moment and all that you can hear is the water thrashing at the rocks.

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🇬🇧OMG! James liked my post... It's little bit heart attack. I can't believe this. Seriously it's like a dream... I woke up in the this morning. When i opened my instagram account, i saw it. Seriously i can't believe this! Thank you so much James! ❤️😭 • • 🇹🇷Ya gerçekten nasıl başlayacağım bilmiyorum. Gruba da yazdım sanki bir rüya gibi birinin uyandıracak olmasından çok korkuyorum... Cidden böyle bir şey olduğuna inanamıyorum. Kalbim o kadar hızlı atıyor ki. Sabah uyanıp instagramımı açtım ve gelen yorumlar, mesajlar derken... Cidden sizi çok seviyorum💞 O güzel mesajlarınız, yorumlarınız için çok teşekkür ederim. Ve James... cidden bir şey diyemiyorum. 😭💞 • •23.01.18• @jamesmcvey #

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