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1.10pm 2. Yes definitely bubble baths are my favourite 3.jelly tots 4. 2-4 5. Fish 6. French braids 7. Pink 8. Playing piano 9. Shelia / by James T 10. Turkey 11. Cuddles with daddy and a movie 13. Park 14 . Scouts 15. No 16.yeah 17.dummy 18. When daddy calls me his little girl 19. Snap 20 . I already have the perfect daddy 21. Yeah they are the best 22 . A long jumper and underwear 23. Playing with my daddy 24. Not many but a couple 25. I love them all the same but the one my daddy gave me too look after is the cutest but shhhh don't tell the rest 26. Not really 27. Yeah 28 . Max and ruby 29. The first time he called me baby girl 30. Yes 31. Grapes 32. Like 3 people 33. Pretty much every day 34 . Daddy 35 . Yes 36. Yes 37. Now 38. Say sowy a lot 39. To take away all of daddy's pain 40. Pacifiers #ddlg #mdlg #daddy #kink #daddysgirl #mummysgirl

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y’all i’m crying we’re at over 600 followers we’re gaining so fast thank you all so much; also just for anyone who’s confused, em will be back soon, we’re just waiting until i have the same number of pictures in this theme as the last one (i doubt any of you even remember that theme😅) and then the two of us will start a new theme. don’t worry though, i’ll still be doing text posts! just differently. ~ ray 🌸 (give credit if you repost please!) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #daddy #ddlg #mdlg #little #littlegirl #littleboy #baby #nsfw #master #slave #sub #dom #bdsm #cgl #ddlb #mdlb #pet #petplay #dirty #manga #ddlgcommunity #sarahah #cute #kink #kinky #daddydom #kitten #kittenplay #rope #bondage

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Yesterday I enjoyed my day of relaxation. It was more enjoyable because of course it was beta funded. Anyway lately I've been thinking about getting a small feminist tattoo. I guess Findom inspired me to get it. The idea of women empowerment and ruling over men. I don't consider myself a new age feminist, more 1st generation. I don't hate men. I just find you all insufferable sometimes and mad annoying. Well sometimes I do hate men. I hate broke men especially. You all are just wallets to me at the end of the day. Anyway I feel this tattoo would be a great way to start 2018. The year of draining more wallets, taking more vacations, shopping more and of course taking captive men and using them how I see fit. I'd like to think this tattoo makes official.

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