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Pretty much everything can go wrong when lunging in daily activities or sports so it's good to be hyper-technical with the exercise to train the muscles properly. Even if it looks perfect, you have to make sure you push through your forward heel to keep the focus on your glutes and your core engaged to lift weight out of your joints. These 7 tips will help: 1️⃣ Keep the back heel up by engaging the calf muscles the whole time, especially when coming up out of the lunge. We tend to forget about the back leg and the achilles can be overstretched. 2️⃣ Hips should move up and down, not forward and back. Weight should stay equal between both legs. 3️⃣ Keep the shoulders back and the spine long. It's okay to be hinged forward at the hips if the hip flexors or quads are tight but the back should never be rounded. 4️⃣ If the front knee bends past the toes, you'll probably end up putting too much pressure on it and make it a quad-dominant exercise. 5️⃣ Point the toes forward. (This changes depending on the lunge.) If balance is too challenged, hold onto something. 6️⃣ Knees should point in the same direction as the toes. Which in this lunge is forward. 7️⃣ Keep the legs stable. There shouldn't be any side to side movement during the lunge. If the legs are wobbly, the inner and outer thighs might be weak so you'll want to strengthen those. What exercises would you like to see in the future? 👍💪🍑 _ #lunge #legs #legday #glutes #legworkout #fitness #fitfam #workout #workoutvideo #exercise #muscleandmat #workouttutorial #exercisetechnique

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