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I just had to stop with the b.s. 🛑 I had to quit with the, I can't, I won't ever be, I don't have time.....that $!+ is EASY to believe, right? Once I stopped THAT story! THAT is when the magic🎩happened. We have to change the script in our head because whatever is happening up there is what will be! With the New🎊Year fast approaching I have been thinking of goals and "resolutions". I want to be realistic but I also want to push myself out of my comfort zone because as years past has proved....that is where the magic is and that is when my life always gets a little bit better! If you are READY to quit with all the BS too, change your routine and focus on being the healthiest best you in 2018....lets chat and start making a plan! Getting healthy can be HARD, especially in the beginning! But I'm here to help and with support and someone in your corner if can be a whole heck of a lot EASIER! ☃️ I can't wait for your message in my inbox!. . . . . . #lifeasamom #ranchwife #ranchlife #fitfarmwife #mythree #happywife #silverlining #honestmotherhood #406 #notimefornegativity #postpartumjourney #freetherapy #diastasisrecti #countrylife #healthylife #newyearsresolution #iwannagetfit #iwanttogetfit #getfitnow #healthymama #fitmumlife

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LAZY SUNDAY. Today we ALL got up late, cooked french toast for breakfast, cuddled while watching a movie all together, played a little outside in the snow, took a nap together and cooked a little in the afternoon. Busy but not busy, just how I like it! How was your weekend? #sleepingbaby

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Dinner. A savory baby portobello mushroom, kale, butternut squash, and onion vegan taco on a corn tortilla. Topped with Roma tomatoes and sauce. #absolutelydelicious . Our mini food critics even gobbled everything but the mushrooms! 😂🙄 . Changing the tastebuds of kids is always a fun adventure in parenting isn’t it? 🤣😉 It took me a year to get them to willingly eat asparagus, and I’m now adding mushrooms to my list of foods that I’m determined to help our kids learn to love! 😀😉 . Making a healthy dinner for your kids and then getting them to eat it, can be a daily struggle for us. . Since they love tacos, I was hoping this recipe would be a hit with them and luckily it was overall! Despite what our kids thought, I’m planning on adding this recipe to our menu rotation, it was to good not to make again!!

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