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🖤🚂 THE HEART TRAIN: Episode 4 of the Hartford Series Singles (Of Cost and Consequence)... ✍🏾-↙- -↘ @JERMAINEWATKINS (AUTHOR & CEO) @DARKNLOVELY131 (MARKETING MANAGER) @THEHEARTTRAIN. 🚂🔥♥️🔥-↙- -↘- #TheHeartTrain #Love #Heart #God #Relationship #Girl #Boy #Reading #AmWriting #WritersOfInstagram #Books #BookSeries #Author #Smile #Publishing #Fiction #Family #Writing #LikeForLike #Kindle #LikeMyPhoto #TeamFollowBack #Christian #Interracial #Inspiration #Wednesday #Life #Night #GoodNight. 📚🔥❤️🔥💯

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Final Stance: How Fighter’s Let Go This week I came to terms with how I came undone and why. I’ve been denying who I am for so long; trying to shut myself down, numb the sensations that were unpleasant and excruciating, as I was told by so many around me to “give up” and “let go”. I struggled back and forth between who I am and what I thought I was supposed to be. In the end, I realized, this is who I am and denying myself and reprimanding myself for being strong, fierce, passionate, stubborn and headstrong is what led me to doubting my love for myself. I may have lost my fight, but this week I have come to terms with “letting go” by doing it MY way. Who am I if I don’t believe in myself, my heart and fight for what I care about? And yeah, so I might have lost. I admit that defeat. But it’s easier for me to let go after knowing I fought with everything I had. #theeverme #evermechapters #fighterchapter #fighter #survivor #stubborn #pushy #strong #fierce #passionate #unapologetic #superhero #heartfelt #love #lookingahead #healing #clarity #nevergiveup #defeated #and #proud

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• ACCOR FLOORLINE BED • The Floorline Bed reduces bed falls to a roll which aims to minimize injuries. The bed also enables independent leg lifting which reduces carer requirements. The bed has a mattress platform height of 7cm to avoid crushing of objects when lowering the bed.👏💪

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Happy Hump Day 😂😂😂😂😂

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Sin filtro + pifias 😊

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🌣 What's happiness? 🌣

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what? toddlers deserve design proofs, too.

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• A new way to work with clients • ___ What I realised a long time ago was that in terms of changing yourself physically ( or any other way ) you know becoming the greatest version of yourself ___ Was that diet plans and training plans. In my opinion, are probably the LEAST, Important part ___ The important stuff, the stuff that actually makes a LONG TERM Difference. Happens away from the training session. With the client when you have zero time constraints ___ You know, in the pub or over coffee. When you can just chill and sit and gab. Because that's when you finally get to see what's really going on. What the actual goal is and what's getting in the way. ___ This is when the real change happens ANOTHER Thing I realised was. ENVIRONMENT matters, like it doesn't just MATTER it's pretty much life or death, make or break. ____ If it's shit you're screwed. It has a direct effect on how you feel , think and act. Yet the majority seem to ignore it. Trying to talk to a client in a gym with 101 distractions isint ideal .( So I left the gym) ___ So, My goal. Is to take my clients to some pretty incredible places. No idea where yet, but see the pictures? Places like that ___ And you know. Coach them. Do what I can do best. ___ Find out exactly What THEY actually want to achieve . And HOW they can actually enjoy the process of achieving it. Itle be decent. Pretty life changing! .and if anything. Views will be good. ____ I'll be providing the option of 1 to 2 full day intensives that will be advertised on the site. Looking forward to getting those started. Let me know if you're already interested

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A day in the life rocking the lilah dress ✔️ #ootd

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👗: vestry 👠: Steve madden

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