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Kisses to all you awesome mf’s that wished me a happy birthday! You guys rock! Fuckin’ #Snapchat! I couldn’t get the heart until after lol #Swipeleft #LoveYall ❤️😘

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I haven’t typed out a long caption in a while so bare with me (or don’t! That’s ok too!) My weight is finally going down a bit and I’m feeling leaner and feeling better! I know some of you are thinking “but I thought #gainingweightiscool ??????” and you’re right to think that! And it is! The point of that hashtag was to say fuck the scale and love yourself regardless. Be comfortable in your body and love it and feel good about yourself and be confident no matter the number on the scale. This isn’t about the scale. I reached a point where I hated the gym (still there), my favorite clothes stopped fitting, I didn’t feel comfortable in tank tops anymore... I could go on. I did/do not feel confident at all and my mental health spiraled way the fuck down. This is not JUST a physical thing as many of you will say I still look great (and I agree! I don’t think I ~look bad~). There’s so much more to it. It’s about feeling confident, comfortable, and like myself. I am happier when I’m consistently hitting the gym, when I can see my muscles and I feel strong, etc. I’m on my way back to a better place and I don’t share this for pity or anything of the sort. I just share it so y’all know everyone goes through shit. Even the girl who preaches body positivity and that gaining weight is cool. Even she has body image days, weeks, and months. We are all in this together 🤷🏻‍♀️ just gotta keep pushing and get back to a place where you FEEL good. #doingmybest #everyday #evenifitsnotthatgreat #lmao #loveyall

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About Saturday Night! THE TURN-UP WAS REAL!!!! at The Solomon's Pajammy Jam! Had a BLAST with the cousins... Lots of laughter,games,girl talk,drinks flowing & chew! There were some happy tears... & some sad ones going down memory lane of the love ones we lost! This is where it all...started for us every holiday was Moms house! ALWAYS...THE BEST & this was definitely GOD'S PLAN.... FOR US TO COME TOGETHER AS A FAMILY & NOT ALWAYS...ABOUT DEATH & so Looking foward to doing this again with you Ladies! 💗 #Funners #LoveYall.... 💗

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