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мой котик дома, а я так счастлива будто он рядом со мной😂😂😂 не далась мне эта история с Америкой (с бабами😁) ну в прочем как говорится "дома хорошо"! Я очень рада что бантаны вернулись домой целыми и невредимыми, теперь ооочень жду #remixmicdrop и #MAMA2017! Боооожечки так быстро летит время,а ведь только месяц назад пищала "блииииин еще месяц есть". Так воооот голосуем не ленимся, помните что главная сила Бантанов это их Арми!!! #ARMYOFBTS #ARMYBTS #BTSARMY #MAMA2017 #MNETASIANMUSICAWARDS #MNET #BTSMAMA #BTSMAMA2017 #ARMYMAMA2017

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BTS is so close behind for artist of the year and song of the year, we need to vote and not lose our lead!!! #mama #mama2017 #exo #exomama

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📸🌸~ Seohyun has made an unforgettable interview with Naver, noting that SNSD is forever, sending a message to the fans and that it is not true that he will work as an agency. Here the highlights (part 1) ➡️ About SNSD activities :: "Girls' Generation is forever." Sobre️ About the fans: "I think they can feel sad, as I am, but I will do my best to show the image because of the decision I made, as Girls' Generation is forever, I hope the fans are not sad. In addition, any activity that members do, we will support each other " Sobre️ About your activities :: "I think I will act a lot now, and I will continue to show myself as a singer, I will show myself in several areas, but Girls' Generation is forever, like the phrase we always shout, 'forever, SNSD'." ➡️ "Where SNSD is headed, I think I can not speak personally about it now, because at the moment we are all in different agencies, later on, when we promote again, I can tell you, regardless of the way these activities are perform, SNSD is forever " S️So it will be difficult to see activities as a total group :: "You can not know what happens in the future." Ind️ He indicated that the information that would be handled with an exclusive agency only with her is not true. Sobre️ About if any member disagreed with your leaving SM: "No. We talked about what each one wanted, so there was no pressure." En️ On the 10th anniversary :: "Not long ago, during our activities to launch the album for the 10th anniversary, we met in the rehearsal room and talked a lot about this and that, and about the work that each one wanted to do and Our dreams" @515sunnyday Cr: Ch0sshi, jasminelep ▶ link 2017 MAMA in my bio 👌✔👑 #girlsgeneration #taeyeon #sunny #tiffany #hyoyeon #yuri #sooyoung # #girlgroup #sunnysnsd #yoona #seohyun #sone #bts #kpopf4f #gfriend #mama2017 #soshi #소녀시대 #exo #blackpink #snsd #f4fkpop #kpop #asia

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AGNEZ MO on Premiere Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017! • This year, the evolution of the event and its growing, global fan-base will be showcased through the concept of "Coexistence." • Coexistence between cultures, Connection through music. "2017 MAMA" is a global music awards where the coexistence of music and the world's various cultures shines. The world is waiting! • #AGNEZ #AGNEZMO #MAMA2017 #AWARDS #AGNEZMOonMAMA #AGNEZMOinVIETNAM

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AGNEZ MO on Premiere Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017 in Vietnam! • Just when you thought the MAMAs line up artist couldnt get any better, now its confirmed that AGNEZ would be performing some songs at the premiere event! • Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA) 2017 will be held in three sites – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Osaka, Japan. MAMA in Vietnam will be held on November 25th! • Super excited! @agnezmo @mnet_mama#AGNEZ #AGNEZMO #MAMA2017 #AWARDS #EVENT #VIETNAM #AGNEZMOonMAMA #AGNEZMOinVIETNAM

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AGNEZ MO on Premiere Mnet Asian Music Awards 2017! • The "Mnet Asian Music Awards," Asia's biggest music awards and global music festival, represents the beautiful fabric created when music and people from various cultures meet. • In 2012, AGNEZ won the MAMA Awards for Best Asian Artist Indonesia, and this year 2017, she will be performing on the premiere event! • 2017 MAMA Premiere in Vietnam * 2017 Nov.25 Vietnam Hoa Binh Theater * Red Carpet: 17:00-17:30, Awards Ceremony: 19:00-21:00 (Local Time) * Public Sales : 10/23(Mon)10:00 ~ 11/23(Thu)23:59 (Local Time) • See you guys there! • #AGNEZ #AGNEZMO #MAMA2017 #AWARDS #VIETNAM #AGNEZMOinVIETNAM #AGNEZMOonMAMA

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MAMA D-1! Aeris keep vote until the last daaaay! Use LEGAL ACCOUNT 🔨 😂 Ignore The gab just vote! WE NEED THE POWER 😘 We got THE POWER! please look towards for EVERY SINGLE hard work that EXO has been done for US WE NEED DAESANG! WE NEED EXO STANDING ON THE STAGE WITH AWARDS IN THeir HANDS RIGHT 😍 so keep vote DON'T BE LAZY! Leading that's not mean WE WIN! You know wht I mean 😏 snake 🐍 everywhere...! #MAMA2017 #EXO #Exol #DAESANGFOREXO #weareone #THEWAREXO #EXO_POWER

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⚠🤔 The doctors of the Ajou University Medical Center, passed SNSD Gee for the soldier who escaped from North Korea through the DMZ. He also had 2 cover versions in rock and he chose that the original was the best 💕 ⚠⚠⚠ do not forget to play "Gee" on Youtube we are close to achieving 200m ⚠⚠⚠ Cr: ▶ link 2017 MAMA in my bio 👌✔👑 #girlsgeneration #taeyeon #sunny #tiffany #hyoyeon #yuri #sooyoung #515sunnyday #girlgroup #sunnysnsd #yoona #seohyun #sone #bts #kpopf4f #gfriend #mama2017 #soshi #소녀시대 #exo #blackpink #snsd #f4fkpop #kpop #asia

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