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Morning. Heard that Blue Bells Ice Cream is making a comeback. Thank goodness. I missed my strawberry shortcake ice cream. I saw cinnamon rolls two aisles over just now. ❤ Happy camper. ❤

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Surround yourself with people who believe in you. Surround yourself with people who challenge you to become better every day. Surround yourself with people who want to help you reach your goals. Surround yourself with greatness 🙌🏽 Pete @peterjbone | #Repost @achievetheimpossible ( @get_repost) #fitspo #fitspiration #inspiration #determination #dedication #levelup #mindset #crossfitter #crossfitfamily #crossfitcrew #crossfitteam #grind #grindrevolution #achievetheimpossible #achievetheimpossible2018

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Truth Is. Ya'LL need him WAYYYYY MORE than I DO... ✋😱 #Facts

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What a crew!! The Barnyard Boyz back together, minus 1. . . Such a great night catching up with a great friend from the other side of the world, and getting this groups of guys back in the same room for drinks, laughs and high school year books! . . With friends like these it’s like no time has past...only 20 years for some. Thanks for the laughs and memories boys!😊

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Comment from Whitfield Patrick:

This Kiss. By Whitfield, Patrick 26 November 2017. Slowly I fall... like a feather against the sweetest lips. Your lips are there to catch the sweetest fall of all this... chocolate. The sweetest sounds of simplicity lavish at a midnight moon. ***Follow My Writes*** #poetrycommunity #hooah #canon #poem #mindset #poeticjustice #aviation   #poetryslam  #motivation #standup   #warriors #chakra #lightworker #winning #saints #poems #peaceful #karma love #lovenotes #healthylifestyle #soulmates #positivethinking  #justice  #coffeetime  #loveandlight #wine #souls #latte  #kissing  #coachella2017

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Comment from D E R I C K G A N T:

No Holds barred discussion on if Crypto is the right investment for you! What’s your Money Mindset?

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Comment from Danise Sumner:

So I asked my client if I could share this picture because I think there are a ton of people out there who could relate to this. My client came to me craving some productivity and organizational tips. She felt completely drained after her full-time job and felt completely overwhelmed by all of her responsibilities at home. This room was her biggest "project." It serves as her closet and additional storage space, and my client struggled with the mindset of putting things off and doing it later [she will admit this to you!] . Over the past six weeks of coaching, we've come up with a schedule that she can maintain in regards to prioritizing her small time in the evening, before tuning into her favorite TV shows, to get things done in the house. We've also reframed her mindset and it's really stuck with her. She told me last week that she can hear my voice in her head saying "would you rather throw this on the floor now and deal with it later, or would you rather hang it up and not have to deal with the pile later on?" Not to mention she's been waking up early and getting to work on time, and taking steps to publish her book📚✏️, which has been a big dream of hers! . What I love about my business is that everybody's needs are different. This may just look like a clean room to some people but it's evidence of a complete mindset change and small steps that lead to big changes. Being aware and turning that negative talk around really is the first step. This is just the beginning for her, and I can't wait to be at her book signing, knowing I was a small part of her journey! . I will not be mentioning her name out of respect for her privacy and confidentiality, but I'm so honored she allowed me to share this! If you're ready to make changes in your mindset, or need some productivity tips, I'm offering 25% off through the end of the month! Don't miss out! 🐝

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Comment from Emma Rud Svendsen:

The most important thing in life is to be happy. Happiness happens when you stop searching. You search because you need something and when you stop searching you wont need it anymore. I am still longing and searching for so much. So many experiences, feelings and relationships. I am still not in peace but yet so thankful of my journey. I hope to find more bliss and love in my heart on the way. I hope to meet authentic beings with beautiful minds. I hope to be with all I am. Im happy to bring you with me. I send you all my love and wish you best of luck on your journeys too. But never forget that everything happens for a reason. You wont need my luck. Everything is perfect as it is. You need to trust the Universe. Gratitude is key in learning how to trust and forgive. Be grateful you'll be happy. 🍃🍂 #happiness #freedom #live #life #motivation #inspiration #love #like4like #l4l #instagood #focus #nature #selflove #everything #beauty #lifestyle #naturephotography #beautiful #instagramers #travel #mindset #mindfulness #like #gratitude #trust #bliss #smile #vegan #govegan #veganism

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