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Comment from Lindsay:

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Comment from Candice Betrosian:

There is always that moment. That undeniable moment where everything you are doing makes sense. April of 2017 was that moment for me. I thought that moment was June 2016, when I took my first trip to Nashville for my first coach convention experience, wasn’t. That moment was just an eye opener of what was to come. That moment gave me the courage to quit teaching and pursue lifestyle coaching 💯 That led me to April 2017; my first all-inclusive trip earned by the company I partner with. I got to go out of the country for the first time in my life! PUNTA Cana was awesome, but it wasn’t just awesome because it was beautiful. It was the Community. It was getting to hangout with all my favorite ladies that I chat with daily, but can’t physically be with because we are spread all over the country. It was here that these two ladies became family. It was here where I learned I was just as capable of being a top leader than all those who currently are, simply because they are all just like me. They are all real, down to Earth, normal humans. They aren’t perfect. They drink the wine and eat the dessert. The only thing that was setting us a part was mindset and time. So when I came back from that trip, I put the balls to the wall and it fueled my passion. It reminded me of all the things that as humans, we need reminding of sometimes. If it wasn’t for this trip, and all the other coaching events that let me learn, grow, and feel that sense of community and belonging....who’s knows where I would be on my journey. I am so excited to be headed to Super Sunday, a local coach event in January, as well as , Mexico in April for my 2nd earned all-inclusive trip. This time around, I get to be there with Jacob Bowman Amber Watson and Patty Geary(again😉)! Having them there with me means the world! I can’t wait for them to experience such an amazing opportunity! I can only hope that more of my team can be on the next trip in 2019! Are you wanting more from your career or life? Does traveling around the world sound like something you want to work towards earning? I am ready to mentor you! Comment below or message me for more details!!! Now is the time to start!

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Comment from Lynnette Vargas:

Fun times this morning taking the Endurance Sled out to @crossfit757 - thanks for having us and thanks for letting me join in the second heat 🙌🏼❤️ @enduranceapparelandgear

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Comment from Angelica Legarreta:

Not a fav. But when you’re trying to avoid dairy, i guess it does the job. 😑🍦🍪🍨

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Comment from Robin O'Connell:

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Comment from FrugalStrong:

6 years ago today I became a Mom for the 2nd time (2 under 2!). My little guy came over a week early & was still almost 9lbs! 😱 The 1st & 2nd pics are me ~2 wks before he arrived. Aye carumba! The 3rd pic is how we spent last night - at Medieval Times. A mix of pricey & frugal fun! Much cheaper than normal due to having free tix for the kids & avoiding most of the upsell tactics & extra purchases. But, we had a TON of fun & I enjoyed it way more than I expected. Plus, it included a HUGE dinner. The 4th & 5th pics show my meal. Some online research beforehand showed that the normal meal they serve was ~2200 calories! Um, no thanks! I wasn't willing to fast all day for one meal, plus the macro ratios were off. But, my research showed they offered a non-advertised vegetarian option that was ~1100 calories. A hummus/pita/veggie plate & a 3-bean stew w/rice & potatoes. This let me still eat during the day & enjoy the dinner outing w/my family. The trick was to skip the non-meat items from the regular menu that they still served me (garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, buttered corn, baked potato, & lemon pound cake). My 2 items filled me up & then I popped in my gum. I passed the other items off to my family. Plus, the show was so entertaining that I actually didn't want to focus on my food. Say WHAT?!?! 🤣🤣 So, before a holiday event, try & do some research beforehand to help stay on track. I was able to enjoy our outing AND hit my macros. Today we threw him a bday party at a glow in the dark mini golf place & I was also able to keep it fairly frugal. But, I knew I'd be ALL about the cake (FROSTING), so I tried my best to plan my day around it. I had to estimate my cake macros, but tried to be conservative in MFP. I hit my overall calories, but was > on fat & < on protein. And that's ok, b/c all that frosting was TOTALLY worth it to me. 😍 And I still hit my calories (assuming my estimates weren't way off). . . I'm so grateful for my family & our life. I had a tumultuous childhood & we were pretty poor. I still pinch myself that I now have the life I've always dreamed of & can provide a MUCH different experience for my children than I had. 👇Cont'd👇

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Comment from kassidykissack:

Wasn’t sure if I was going to squeeze a workout in today or not! Thankful for 30 minute workouts that I can rock out at MY PACE while my little squirt naps in the comfort of my own home. Saturday is still a day to move your body! Don’t use weekends as an excuse to be a bum!

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Comment from Caitlin Chojnowski:

When you're grateful for the seemingly insignificant things, the significant things seem that much more prominent. And the more grateful you are, the more things to be grateful about seem to pop up everywhere, even when you least expect it. What a beautiful thing that you get to literally create your dream life just by being grateful for the life you have and by envisioning what you want. 💗🙌💥 . . . . #thatfitmomlife #fitlife #fitness #fitgirls #fitmom #fitmoms #momlife #girlswholift #momstrong #momswithtattoos #momsofinstagram #momswholift #boymom #healthy #healthyliving #vegan #veganlife #veganmoms #clickinmoms #crunchymama #crunchy #lawofattraction #manifest #motherhood #dreamlife #vision #familygoals #washington #leavenworth #happiness

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Comment from Jamie:

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Comment from Fabe:

Hi!! I am Fabe. I just wanted to introduce myself to those who don't know me and what I am about. I am married and have three children. I am an ex-drug addict, an ex-food binger, and I have struggled with depression since I was about 14. Today I am striving to be a better wife, mom, and person. I am using fitness and exercise to better myself and my life. I used to use exercise as a form of punishment for eating to much food. Now exercise has help change my mindset and my relationship with food. I want to inspire others who may be struggling with some of the same things. I want to be inspired by others to make myself better and push myself harder. Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs but we don't have to struggle to get through it. We can be happy and manage those trials. All it takes is you stepping up and saying I want to change and never looking back!!! Photo credits to the AMAZING @doinformyboys #igfitnessmom #igfit #igfitmoms #igfitness #igfitnessmoms #fit #fitmom #fitishmom #fitness #fitmoms #fitishmoms #fitness #fitties #fitnessmom #fitnessmoms #depression #stronger #wellness #happiness #joy #guthealth #health #healthy #motivation #pushyourself #momswholift

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Comment from mrs vanbeveren 🖤:

New gym memby 🔥 anyone wanna join me for a workout!? Hydro massage beds and massage chairs ..need I say more? 🙌🏼 excited to try out this new gym!

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Comment from Kaitlyn Powers:

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Comment from T i A N:

How’d I get so lucky to have this whole area to myself 😊. - When I do cable kickbacks with the single hand attachment, it feels so different than with ankle cuffs. Who else? - Which do you perfer? So for me with the single hand attachment the placement allows me to easier feel me pushing through with my heel than with an ankle cuff. The ankle cuffs placement is ok but some may struggle to feel the exercise in their booty 🍑. - - - - - - - - - - - - #planetfitness #legday #cablefrontsquats #cablekickbacks #cablesquats #bootyworkout #momswholift #workforit #tianfitty #peachbuttsunite

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